Dental Veneers: Get a perfect smile quickly and easily!

The facets or dental veneers are some sheets fine ceramic adhering to the outside of the tooth to improve their aesthetics, can correct defects in color, size or shape of the tooth. The result is natural and they are placed quickly, easily and painlessly , resulting in a very comfortable treatment for the patient and with an immediate result.

Dental facet treatment is one of the most demanded dental aesthetic treatments by our patients, as they achieve an excellent result in a few hours.



When do we recommend a facet treatment or dental veneers ?


Dental wear 

Tooth wear may have been caused by the action of external agents that end up damaging the enamel or by friction or friction between the teeth (bruxism). With the facets we will be able to solve the problem of the appearance of worn teeth.


Irregular denture

Sometimes the teeth are not aligned because they are not the same size, defining unattractive curvatures. The choice and carving of the facets according to each specific dental piece, will allow us to achieve a perfect smile.



The fracture of a tooth can be caused by a strong impact on the mouth, causing the loss of part of the affected tooth. With dental veneers we will recover the normal appearance of the tooth.



A diastema is the separation or space between two adjacent teeth . It can have different degrees, from appearing almost imperceptible, to being very evident. This problem often occurs between the incisor teeth, although it can occur in others. Thanks to the use of the facets, the diastemas are perfectly solved.


Color changes by tetracyclines and other pigmentations

The stains caused by tetracycline sometimes can not be removed with a tooth whitening process. Treatment with dental veneers will allow the tooth to return to its natural white color.



Dental aesthetics professionals



Professionalism and experience


Our team of specialists knows all the advances in the field of dental aesthetics, being able to offer a treatment of the highest quality and with maximum safety for your oral-dental health.





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15 May 2020

By Rodolfo

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