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Simon Says: Can you recover agency fees if your agent hid facts?

Jack, having invested successfully in stocks, decided to upgrade living. No longer was he going to live in that sorry coffin of a flat. He hated living in the heart of a city as it was always noisy and he needed an absolutely silent environment t...

Simon Says: Is property management company liable if your car is stolen?

Jack parked his Mercedes in the garage underneath his block and it was a monthly leased car parking lot. One day, before he went out drinking, he locked his car properly, but when he came back, it went missing. Jack thought that he might have misp...

Simon Says: Does Injury at Work Insurance Apply to the Self-Employed in China?

Jack was the owner of a small factory in Qingdao. Recently, business hasn’t been going well and he was losing money. Half of the factory workers were laid off, and the new robotic arms he bought last year had not been used at all.
Jack had no choic

Simon Says: Does a scanned copy of a contract have legal validity?

Jack is the owner of a furniture company. Recently, one of his manufacturers, Alex, went bankrupt and the creditors burnt down his factory, threatening to kill him if he couldn’t pay up. Threatened by the mafias, Alex went to his debtors one by...

Simon Says: An unregistered mortgage agreement is not a piece of paper

At a high school reunion party in Beijing, Jack met up with an old friend Alex, who was a scientist. Alex had always been very good at his studies and graduated with a doctor’s degree from MIT. After a night of casual chatting, Jack got to know that

Simon Says: Does a Divorce Agreement work in China?

Jack and Jill were couple with a teenage son Alex, who was studying overseas.
Recently, Jack lost a great amount of money due to gambling. He started drinking every night and beating his wife up. He also quit his job and all he did was try to gam

Simon Says: Transfer Ownership of your Car in Time to Avoid Pitfall!

Jack, having received his yearly bonus, decided to upgrade his car. He was tired of being laughed at for driving a jacked up car. Being a manager of a Fortune 500 corporation, he needed to drive a Mercedes at least. After looking at a dozen cars, Jac

Simon Says: Can a Property Owner kick any sitting tenant out?

Jack and Jill were an elderly couple living in a mansion in Shanghai. Jack, being diagnosed with prostate cancer, was not left with many days. As the couple had no son nor daughter, Jack decided to put his nephew’s name Alex in his will.

A year la

Simon Says: Any repayment obligation if an IOU does not bear lender’s name?

After engaging in business for more than a decade, Alex learns the goods and bads and becomes a cunning businessman. Failing to meet the ends, Alex wanted to borrow 1 million from Jack, his old classmate one day. Jack felt that Alex was somewhat sli

Simon Says: Does a Debt Go When a Borrower Dies?

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This week's areas of Interest: Debt Obligations and Inheritance

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