How to rescue an animal like a pro

Coming upon an animal in distress is always unexpected and sometimes jarring. Luckily, it is not rocket science; rather, performing a rescue can be straightforward, rewarding, and life-saving for the animal.

Such has been the case with Rhythm, a local Shenzhen resident, and Luke, the abandoned dog she recently rescued.



How to rescue an animal:

1. Do not “snap and run“

2. Slowly approach and tether or catch the animal

3. Bring it to a vet for a check up

4. Board it at a vet or kennel, bring it home, or find a fosterer

5. Make a poster

6. Interview potential adopters


A couple weeks ago, photos of a lost dog who remained waiting at a section of Shenzhen Bay Park for two days straight were circulating on WeChat. The dog was obviously a former pet (he was groomed and wore a body harness) and would run away from anyone who tried to approach him, sometimes even by hiding in bushes.


Rhythm, a local Shenzhen resident, decided to go to see the dog for herself, and she recruited a foreign friend to join her. After a few hours and many attempts over two days to lure the dog, who they named Luke, they finally leashed him.

They then ascertained that Luke was abandoned by reaching his previous owner over WeChat. The previous owner admitted that he had given Luke to neighbors when he decided to move abroad and that it was the neighbors who left him at the park.

As difficult as the truth about Luke’s story is, he is one of few strays who are lucky enough to be brought back to safety.


If you’d like to meet and adopt or foster Luke, please get in touch.


Though many had noticed Luke sitting out there alone in Shenzhen Bay Park, Rhythm was the first individual to take action. She and rescuers like her took a methodical approach to getting Luke to safety.

  1. She did not “snap and run.” Rather than hoping someone else would handle the situation, Rhythm took initiative and recruited a friend to help her.
  2. She and her friend spent a lot of time slowly and safely approaching Luke before tethering him.
  3. She did her best to find the previous owner. This included bringing Luke to local vets to see if they recognized him as well as taking Luke back to the area where he was found in an attempt to see if he would be able to trace his way back home. As mentioned above, contact with the previous owner was successfully made.
  4. She made posters for finding Luke a new home or fosterer and is now sharing it on WeChat and asking others to help share it.
  5. She is covering his costs and boarding him at a vet clinic until his new home is found.
  6. She has interviewed potential adopters to see if their lifestyle and expectations are suitable for lifelong dog ownership.

Throughout the process, Rhythm is continually searching for a good home, knowing that by being persistent and following logical steps, Luke will soon be in a forever home.


Luke has a friendly and mild temperament, making him a good match for families and singles.

If you are interested in adopting him, please get in touch with Rhythm by scanning the QR code below.


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24 Jul 2018

By Pamela

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