Join us in Wishing Happy Birthday Today to Liang Jin

Over the last three months, groups and individuals from all over Shenzhen have been coming together in support of Liang Jin, a young boy who suffered a tragic ordeal just after his fifth birthday. Today, that young boy turns 6 years old and we ask you to join us in wishing him a happy birthday.



Liang Jin suffered major burns to over 80% of his body when his father tried to kill the family by setting fire to a gas cylinder. Since then, Liang Jin has been in the care of his grandfather and supported by a network of devoted individuals. 



In addition to the amazing work done by medical professionals, volunteers and charity organizations, over the last three months, various Shenzhen organizations have been supporting Liang Jin by hosting their own fundraisers; including:


So far over 218,000 RMB of the 800,000 RMB needed for his surgeries and care have been raised. 


Please join us in wishing him a happy birthday today by donating to help reach the goal!


If you or your organization is able to organize a fundraising event for Liang Jin, please contact Dan at WeChat ID: pippin8 or by scanning the QR Code below.




Donations can be received in China; where official invoices can also be provided, and via a GoFundMe page for those wishing to donate in other currencies from around the world! Click the links below for more details on each method.



A few people will go to see him bringing cakes and presents today. We are sure he will enjoy the best birthday of his young life up to this point. 


Please share this post to help insure that we can get donations to continue to grow so that Liang Jin's medical needs can be met.


Thank you! 


Click here to learn more about the Liang Jin Fundraising Efforts.

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16 Aug 2018

By Gary

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