REVIEW: EatForCharity Gives Us Some Moral Clarity

Hi folks, Drew from PaXaN here. We’ve been asked by our dear friends over at ShekouDaily to take time away from one of our favorite past times, video gaming, and instead focus on another, eating great food. By now you may have heard of the new food delivery wesbite that is quickly making a name for itself in the Shekou, Nanshan area. We are of course talking about EatForCharity. As this website is new there are undoubtedly going to be some bugs that need to be fixed and creases that need ironing out, however what follows will be an honest look into the functionality of this new service. So without pursuing too many pejoratives to focus in on here are a few reasons why EatForCharity gives us some moral clarity.

The Premise
In the modern world that we all find ourselves in we are undisputedly going to order take out at some point. This stemming from reasons such as finishing work late, not really having a great kitchen to work in or cooking skills to work with and lately with the current state of the world a desire to actually support your local businesses in the best way you can. With an influx of online food orders it’s no real surprise that we now see more delivery drivers on their scooters than usual, a perfect time for a new food delivery service to make its debut.

EatForCharity has come at a great time but it has one ace up its sleeve that others do not, a top trump so to speak that mediates between your laziness, your bank balance and your impending guilt. A portion of the money you spend on your food order goes to a local charity of your choosing, or one of the staff’s choosing if you’d rather not pick. Such a simple idea but a heartwarming one nonetheless. Now as you are munching down on your midnight pizza you can feel good about the fact that you have opted to donate money to a worthwhile cause other than filling your tum tum. Better yet there is a clear option on the payment screen that allows you to offer a small tip to the restaurant or delivery driver if you are so inclined.

The Process
Just as with any other food ordering platform the registration process itself is relatively simple. Just follow the WeChat account and scan the QR code to head over to the website. You can use your WeChat login details to register  and also link your WeChat Wallet with ease. Now that you are logged in you can move on to restaurant selection. The UI has been designed to be rather minimalist in the sense that there does not seem to be many tabs to choose from but the ones that are there do work well. Picking your style of restaurant, be it Mexican, Thai or any of the many other choices is rather intuitive and it takes you to yet another page in which several different dishes are displayed. Keep an eye out for the restaurant icons when selecting your restaurant of choice as on different days there are different offers for a few of the restaurants. This can help assuage the illusion of choice we all face when trying to decide what to eat. Much like any other food ordering platform you now simply select which dish you would like to purchase and it will be added to your food cart in the top right hand corner. For first time users simply input your home address details and if you have specific instructions for the restaurant or delivery driver then there is a space to leave a comment or two. The restaurant’s address and phone number are also displayed just in case you wish to give the restaurant a call for any changes to your order. Below this is where you will see the donation options, with the aforementioned selection process being easy to get through, as well as an option to increase your donation should you feel charitable. Select from the three different payment methods and press the ok button, which will take you through the standard payment process we are all very familiar with by now. You will get a message from the official WeChat account stating the payment has been made and another when it has been accepted, as well as a text message giving you the same information. Now simply wait, stay hungry and feel good about the fact that your insatiable appetite for delectable delicacies has made the world a slightly better place.  

The Drawback
As with any new service there are always going to be overlooked errors, errors that are worked on and improved upon with community feedback. Such feedback to the EatForCharity team is greatly appreciated by the staff and all information is treated with the care and attention it needs. These mishaps are unavoidable due to the insurmountable amount of work that goes into the planning, production and upkeep of the website itself. We are behooved to be honest and therefore we shall inform you of a minor difficulty that we and a few friends have encountered during our usage. 

We have encountered this mishap when making specific requests for orders, especially at peak meal times during the day. The option to customize your order is great and having the chance to ask for a little extra sauce on the side is one of the finer points of EatForCharity, however this does seem to cause some amount of disarray within the restaurant itself. A few times now the sauce or side extra will be forgotten or replaced with something that we did not order which leads to some level of frustration or disappointment. On the surface this seems like a small issue but given the fact that these extra side options are paid for and taking into account different people’s dietary conditions this is something that could do with looking at again. There has always been a quick fix to this problem by speaking directly to the customer service team at EatForCharity and from conversations with the website’s developers we have been assured that they are looking into improving this feature, which we here at PaXaN hope doesn't get removed, but at the same time we understand the extra pressure it puts on restaurants.

The Conclusion
Despite any shortcomings this new comer has in its field there can be no doubt in our minds that EatForCharity is a much needed addition. Rarely do we get the chance to feel like we are giving enough back to a community that has not only supported our fledging channel but all members of the community as a whole. The ability to feed both our bellies and our soul is something I myself appreciate dearly. If you have not yet had the chance to use EatForCharity then we here at PaXaN urge you to do so and promise that your belly with not be the only place you get that warm fuzzy full feeling. A big thank you to Gary over at ShekouDaily for asking our team to review the EatForCharity service and for personally providing me with more midnight pizza options.

If you’d like to give some feedback, the team at EatForCharity is currently collecting some using this short two-question Survey Monkey form in preparation of launching their new Wechat Mini-Program. Scan the QR Code below to tell them what you think.

Author: Drew Lewis

Hi folks, Drew here from PaXaN. I am an up and coming video game journalist looking to inject your daily cravings for virtual screen time with various features on video games and the industry itself. Keep an eye on this space for more news and features on your favourite games both new and old. Have an idea for a feature piece or something you’d like for me to cover? Send me a message on WeChat or email me and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. WeChat ID: DrewAW, Email:


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26 Apr 2020

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