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I joined a club of writers a couple of weeks ago. I was feeling enthusiastic until the moment we all put pencil to paper and wrote a short essay. I thought I was doing fine while writing, but then we took turns to read our works aloud. My excitement suddenly dropped when I heard others reading their perfect poetic writings.


It was evident that my skills were not even a tenth of theirs. Fortunately, after years of constant positive mindset training, my mind found the best way to shift from fear and shame to an opportunity to produce better writings.


At the end of the meetup, walking down the street and heading to the metro line that normally took me home, I held my focus on the sensation the activity created in me. And with a grin on my face, I couldn't believe how easy it would have been to choose to give it up. I mean, all of the participants were English speakers and with years of studies in poetry and writing except for me, a skilless but a brave writer.


During the walk, I decided to commit to the club and the writing exercises, despite the lack of knowledge.


Carol Zurita - Scare the Scary

When I decreed I'll become a great author for my next book, the stream of happiness invaded me, and the fear of failure vanished, at last.


By writing these lines, I wonder if fear were a person how it would be. Perhaps it'd be a huge, hairy, and smelly person, with a couple of big and round eyes, chunky limbs and trunk in a deformed shape.


Ugly, huh? Well, this is how I see it. You feel free to use your wide imagination to describe it too.


Carol Zurita - Scare the Scary

But what I am trying to say is if fear would be a horrible human, no one would feel like hanging out with it. And we'd most probably go through life full of confidence and joy.


Lastly, if fear chased any of us, we would develop a way to keep ourselves safe from the scary creature. It'd be just another smart invention like the alarms most vehicle or houses got lodged in to remain people safe of crimes.


I believe we are powerful enough to scare the scary and keep walking towards the dreams and passions. This reminds me of a question my good friend Meir made the other day “What does ‘Think Big‘ mean?.”


I would say regardless the elements involved, “Thinking Big” is setting up that particular goal that will evolve the current status to the highest fulfilment of satisfaction and pleasure trusting that it can be reached no matter what. Therefore, there wouldn’t be any spare room for the fear.


Finally, I see this exercise as fun and helpful. So, I would like to get you and your inner child along creating different characters for fear, anger, fulfillment, and joy. Sketch them down and decide who you rather hang out with. I am sure you will be interested in bringing your new good friends home to stay longer with you and your beloved ones.


Ultimately, who doesn’t like to meet new good friends?


Please share your comments and pictures of the creatures you came up with. Thank you again and stay blessed!



Carol Zurita

About the Author: Carol Zurita

Carol Zurita is an author, speaker, and life & business mentor in China since 2014. Carol is traveling country-wide with her seminars and workshops for foreign entrepreneurs and professionals in China. "Get Powerful and Sexy Now" and "Rock your Ideas and Grow Rich." The seminars are both practical guides with great content to help women and men start a better life, either for themselves or their business. Her upcoming book "Get Powerful Now,my guide to moving on" will be published by the summer of 2017 in English, Spanish and Chinese. Learn more about her and her seminars in or her wechat 13798300452.


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