The 8 MUSTs for successful business folks

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“I hate vague discussions about football. In fact I don't watch games because I AM THE GAME” said Alan Andrus, Top Investing Expert, during his speech at the Moving the Masses business congress in Denver last year. 


Involved in the speaking field for a while and with a background in Marketing, I have changed the direction of my business from Personal Development talks to a community of Millennial entrepreneurs called Smart Benjie that is currently involving business and personal evolution. In spite of my experience and willingness, this whole new concept has been challenging regarding the promotion of the service. Therefore, the disappointing results have encouraged me to focus on only one thing “be the game” that I eventually will be passing it over clients, attendees, and mentees.


Although many iconic people have made a significant change in humanity, they have struggled for some time before reaching their final destination. It has never been easy to anyone. For instance, Thomas Edison didn’t come up with the light bulb knowing how it would happen, or how it would work. Edison failed and failed many times and persisted believing there is a way to make things different. Ultimately, he accomplished it, and as a result, more than the half of the population in the world is now lit up.


I bet most of you dear readers also deal with unpleasant situations. So, I thought of sharing eight suggestions that have been very helpful to me and other entrepreneurs I admire such as my dearest friends Anastasia Button and Gerry Robert.


 * Define your goals.


It is necessary to spend some real time searching your life purpose. Most people without a fixed goal are more likely to go through life complaining, procrastinating and tired about anything.


I also, believe that joy is linked with that particular reason that makes you go over your days dealing with job, colleagues, partners or relatives. Moreover, a life purpose may fulfill you and the people around. You will notice it immediately making every place and moment full of joy and satisfaction.


My personal suggestion after having found that great reason to keep living, is to gather some magazines and newspapers and cut out pictures that show what you desire the most.


 * Feed your mind with positivism.


Since I care about what I read, watch and listen to every morning; I realize it is easier to think of opportunities and possibilities. For instance the other day, on my way to the metro heading the office, I came across with a thought about this post I read about a new pet shop with dying puppies for sale behind the old street in Shekou.


Words such as horrible, terrible and others were mentioned in the conversation. However, I thought, maybe we could make a change by thinking of positive solutions such as education for our community about the importance of pet caring and respect.


Dogs, cats, birds or any other pets aren't meant to be expensive or cute based on the humans' opinions. They are just beautiful in the way they are, and most importantly their size, color, or breed don't really matter because they all acknowledge the best way to love their masters entirely and limitlessly. My suggestion is to listen to epic motivational speeches on Youtube early morning and feed your mind with the best for your life.


 * Network in the right place


Several events are happening weekly around the town for every like such as hiking clubbers, writers gatherings, beer drinkers, Chess lovers and so on. But have you asked yourself about the places and meetups that suit you best?


Two things come to my mind now; the first one is, once you find your True North you are more likely to commit to specific events that can encourage you to blossom the best version of yourself. Attending many events without much purpose can be a waste of time and don’t forget “Time is Money”. On the other hand, being the leader or the smartest in the group may limit your skills of learning. So, I would suggest to change the networking once you turned the wisest one and that will always keep you learning and exploring new fields.


 * Stick with the winners


The winners have endless stories to tell, so their critiques will always be given with valuable arguments and nourishing content.


Also, they will always keep you in their loop for referrals, endorsement or even wiser networking meetups. So, I personally, suggest to be grateful and smart when you choose your friends and gang.


Carol Zurita - The 8 MUSTs for successful business folks



 * Focus on Innovation, great businesses, possible products.

Having noticed in blogs and magazines about the worth of carrying a notepad and a pen wherever you go, I believe we could come up with the end of wars, poverty and misery. Following the previous practices I am sure your mind will begin finding new business opportunities or attractive projects more often. Therefore by writing them down in order to keep them fresh and in your loop, it could lead you to come up with something bigger and with great impact. Remember opportunities happen, so keep thinking on what you would like to create for a better world.


 * Sketch the processes that take to you to your final goal


After the third session of ABNET & GIFTED workshops about systems, I got to know the importance of sketching out the processes needed to accomplish my dream.


Let’s think of a gorgeous and delicious apple pie. See yourself with a small spoon in hand and at the table. The perfect fresh size of pie laying on your plate is awaiting for you. But, wait! Before enjoying it, let’s rewind to the process before the final creation.


So, you will need to list up the ingredients and then the steps, timing and tools.


Business ideas require similar processes before the final products. Personally, I have been confused about what goes first, second, the actions and team to make my dream get its momentum.


Thanks to Ricky the trainer and Meir the awesome backup trainer I have sketched more than once the steps and the ingredients for the perfect project pie. Although, patience and tolerance are a must but a lack sometimes, everything is making much more sense and the path to the goal can be seen clearer and clearer.


 * Ask for advice, feedback or help.


In some cultures asking for help or a critique can be seen as a sign of weakness, however knowing what smarter people would suggest for the better is always conducive.


Learn to be confident about yourself and the process so, whenever the feedback arrives you will be wiser to see it as positive rather than annoying judgmental words.


Carol Zurita - The 8 MUSTs for successful business folks


Eight recommendations that will build better businesses and better lives. Please share it with your friends and don’t forget to drop your comments and suggestions.



Carol Zurita

About the Author: Carol Zurita

Carol Zurita is an author, speaker, and life & business mentor in China since 2014. Carol is traveling country-wide with her seminars and workshops for foreign entrepreneurs and professionals in China. "Get Powerful and Sexy Now" and "Rock your Ideas and Grow Rich." The seminars are both practical guides with great content to help women and men start a better life, either for themselves or their business. Her upcoming book "Get Powerful Now,my guide to moving on" will be published by the summer of 2017 in English, Spanish and Chinese. Learn more about her and her seminars in or her wechat 13798300452.


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