Win a Professional Custom-Built Friendship Bench for Your School

To celebrate Teachers’ Day 2018, Mr Bill is gifting one lucky school a custom-made Friendship Bench.


Be you Teacher or parent - you all have an opportunity for glory. Your vote could help gift to your school community a beautifully custom-made Friendship Bench.



All you need to do is follow Mr Bill's We Chat account (QR code is below) and send them a message with your name and the school you're voting for.


Mr Bill’s Team will come to your School, work with students to add customized features to your Bench and return soon after with the finished product. 



They will even add your school crest or logo as part of the deal!  



Mr Bill is fast becoming the supplier of choice to international schools across China. We use traditional joinery instead of cheap metal brackets offering you a long lasting, beautiful product at a surprisingly reasonable price. Importing furniture/role play areas/teaching materials does guarantee a certain level of quality but it also comes with an eye watering price tag. Mr Bill was established to provide the quality/safety/attention to detail/good design you would expect from an international supplier but at a fraction of the cost, a fraction of the delivery time and without any cross border currency shenanigans. 



The School with the most sign ups via WeChat wins. The winner will be announced on Mr. Bill's Official WeChat Account on Teachers’ Day - September 10th, 2018.


Mr Bill is a wholly owned foreign company with a design office in Shenzhen and a factory in Dongguan. They work with schools throughout the city including Shen Wai International School and Bromsgrove School Mission Hills.

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03 Sep 2018

By Mr Bill

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