Working 8 hours a day won't make you a millionaire

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The forty-hour labor time has been standardized in many countries world-wide. Except for Sweden, Switzerland, Germany or Norway, among other few nations that despite their shortest working weeks, they still rank as the most competitive countries.


Sweden, for instance, has reduced their eight-hour journal to six hours for the same remuneration. This experiment has generated several comments in favor and some others like the small business claim that a shorter day can increase productivity while reducing staff turnover.


Total hours worked each year by country - Carol Zurita


But what is the reason behind the short working hours?


Illness and depression are the most common problems in exhausted employees not only in America but worldwide. Studies tell that our brain and body requires resting after every 90 minutes to keep functioning at optimal levels. Rewards instead of penalties work best as well as group goals that interest or motivate work teams. Aside from the motivation at work, more free time in employees can increase creativity, focus, and even more commitment.


Brath, an Internet Startup, which has 22 staff in offices in Stockholm and Örnsköldsvik, produces as much, if not more than its competitors do in eight-hour days. The boss said to The Guardian during an interview. “It has a lot to do with the fact that we are very creative – we couldn’t keep it up for eight hours.


 Carol Zurita


As an entrepreneur myself, one of my resolutions for 2017 is to give myself more free time to read, learn, experience and just enjoy the beauty that Shekou offers. I invite you all to make a pause and every day to just breathe and stare at the window with no thoughts in between for a while.


Sharing these practices with your favorite person can always be positive for both and therefore the society. Be the good mood guy smiling and sending the best vibes by allowing yourself a break every day.


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Carol Zurita

About the Author: Carol Zurita

Carol Zurita is an author, speaker, and life & business mentor in China since 2014. Carol is traveling country-wide with her seminars and workshops for foreign entrepreneurs and professionals in China. "Get Powerful and Sexy Now" and "Rock your Ideas and Grow Rich." The seminars are both practical guides with great content to help women and men start a better life, either for themselves or their business. Her upcoming book "Get Powerful Now,my guide to moving on" will be published by the summer of 2017 in English, Spanish and Chinese. Learn more about her and her seminars in or her wechat 13798300452.


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