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Clean-Up of HaiChang Street in Shekou, Shenzhen Continues

June 06, 2018

Just two days after at leas... (more)

Lovers of Fine Whisky Get New Unique Opportunity in China

December 26, 2017

Are you a whisky lover, connoisseur, food and beverage professional, or do you simply enjoy the finer things in life? If so, we're honored to introduce you to the f... (more)

This Weekend: A long list of Easter and Non-Easter Related Events

April 14, 2017

Welcome to ShekouDaily's Weekend Newsletter... This is another busy weekend with more than 13 activities and events taking place. For those celebrating Easter there is lots to do, for those not ce... (more)

Heat Wave Warning Issued for the City of Shenzhen

July 30, 2017

UPDATE: 22:00 7/31/17 - The Heat Wave Warning is no longer in effect. ... (more)

Tips from Swedish Coach of Shenzhen Football Club Sven-Göran Eriksson

April 27, 2017

While attending an event last Wednesday at ... (more)

Weekend #49 Events, Christmas Events and Two iPhone Giveaways

December 08, 2016

Welcome to weekend number 49 of 2016. If you've been asking Santa for an iPhone 7 this year, you're in luck! We've got two chances coming up for you to win one of your very own.  ... (more)

Shenzhen Designates Parking Spaces for App-Based Bikes

March 10, 2017

According to the Shenzhen Daily, Shenzhen's transportation commission has designated a total of 1,1... (more)

8 Common Things to Avoid Doing This Spring Festival

February 15, 2018

China is full of traditions and rituals; especially during this time of year. To help you avoid misfortune in the coming year, we've compiled a list of the mos... (more)

WATCHOUT: e-Bike's being confiscated by Sihai Park on Gongyuan Road

July 10, 2017

We received a report at 18:05 July 10th that e-bikes are being confiscated on Gongyuan Road across from Sihai Park. Watch out if you're riding in the area.... (more)

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