The 2018 Post Youth Music Festival kicked off yesterday at Happy Valley here in Shenzhen. It's the 10th Anniversary of the festival; which was the first large outdoor music festival fully operated by an independent company. 

The 3-Day Festival includes 20 musical acts from mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan and other overseas countries covering Rock, Post Rock, Heavy Metal to Hip Hop, Electronic and Pop. 

Many of the online websites selling tickets have already sold out; however, last we checked, 趣票(qupiaowang) still had tickets for 280 RMB per day. We called as well and were told that tickets were also still available at the door for 380 RMB per day. Click here to buy tickets from qupiaowang. The order page is only in Chinese; however, it's really easy, just select the date you want, then you'll be prompted to enter your name and telephone number into the two fields.

How to get there:

B795路  M486路to happy valley station;
21路  26路  32路  70路  79路  90路  101路  113路  123路  204路  209路  223路  234路  245区间车  m398路  m398区间车  m486路  m487路  m488快线  m488路  n24路  n4路  高峰专线93路to Window of the world station 1

Subway: Line 1 and 2: Window of the World, Exit A

Click here to buy tickets online.

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