A six-year-old girl spat blood and was diagnosed with a skull fracture after a 110-lb (50kg) door fell on top of her. According to Shenzhen News, the incident happened in the lobby of a residential building in Shenzhen of Guangdong Province on April 1.



Watch the shocking surveillance camera footage showing the girl, nicknamed Weiwei, being hit and falling on the ground when she opened the door.


She was pinned down to the floor instantly. Luckily, two onlookers rushed to lift up the door and pull the girl aside. Paramedics came and sent the girl to nearby hospital for treatment. 'She is better now. She was spitting blood earlier,' said Mr Li, the girl's father.


Shenzhen Police reviewed CCTV footage and found a man having a quarrel at the lobby and kicked at the door. 'The man was arguing with another resident at around 3am in the morning. He kicked the door once when he left,' a security guard told Shenzhen Television. Initial police investigation suggested a metal hinge had gone missing before the incident happened. Shenzhen Police are currently looking for the man.


Source: 深圳一小区百斤重玻璃门倒塌 女童被砸骨折 门疑似被人为破坏?

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