August 23, a passenger, surnamed Zhao, accidentally left a box with a million rmb in gold on the Metro Line 3 bound for Sangyong. After a rapid joint search from staff of multiple stations, the items were returned to Zhao in just 4 minutes.


When Zhao got off the train at the Shuibei station that morning, he quickly realized he forgot something very important and rushed to the station staff for help.



According to the on-site staff, Zhao was very anxious, and at times was incoherent. Once the staff understood the situation she immediately reported it to the subway dispatch who informed five stations; Caopu, Mumian Bay, Dafen, Liuyue and Henggang, to assist in the search; despite the passengers only having a vague recollection of where he was seated.



What he lost was a cardboard box containing about 2.7 kg of gold; and it was suspected of being left somewhere between doors 2 and 4 of the 3rd compartment, close to the seats on the platorm side.



Within minutes of the dispatch, a Henggang duty officer radioed in that he had found it and within a few more minutes the box was returned.



If you accidentally lose something while on the subway, whether it's worth a million rmb or not, you can call the Lost Property Centers listed below for assistance.

  • Line 1/2/5: Window of the World, 0755-88961752

  • Line 11: Che Kung Temple Station, 0755-88952333

  • Line 3: Tangkeng Station, 0755-28803666

  • Line 7: Huangmugang Station, 0755-88972100

  • Line 9: Lower Merlin Station, 0755-88956300


Source: 价值百万的黄金遗落地铁3号线,4分钟内......


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