The Shenzhen Business Daily reported yesterday that the violent winds and waves brought by typhoon Mangkhut have caused tremendous damage to the infrastructure of Damei and Xiaomeisha.



In order to protect the safety of tourists, the Dameisha Waterfront Park and Xiaomeisha Tourist Resort have been temporarily closed and will not be reopened prior to the Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day holiday this year. 



At the press conference on the post-disaster disposal of tourist attractions in Yantian District on the afternoon of September 18, Yantian District Government spokesman Wang Wei said that Yantian District will carry out maintenance and reconstruction as soon as possible with higher standards, and will be open to the public after the restoration is completed.


Video as Mangkhut floods the Sheraton Hotel at Dameisha


According to reports, the 19.5 km of seashore plank roads in Yantian jurisdiction were damaged to varying degrees. The Dameisha section and Xiaomeisha section were the most damaged. The direct economic loss of the boardwalk is expected to exceed 50 million yuan. At present, Yantian District has closed and repaired the damaged plank road. 



The base of the wishing angel, which is usually buried under the sand, is now exposed. One of the wishing angels also washed the sand under the base because of the waves, causing the angels to shift and tilt. According to reports, about 250,000 cubic meters of Dameisha Waterfront Park beach sea sand (the beach area is about 160,000 square meters) was swept away and the beach as a whole sunk more than 1 meter. The foundation is seriously exposed, public, building facilities and structures are all damaged. Direct economic losses were estimated to be about 85 million yuan.



OCT East is also damaged but working hard to try to re-open in time for the October 1st holiday.


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