At about 7:30am Sunday morning April 29th, fire trucks were heard racing down Wanghai Road in the Shekou Sub-District of Shenzhen. By 7:40am, we received the first photos of their arrival at the scene of a fire at Shekou's Fishermans Wharf.

The boat, which appeared to be incapacitated, was pushed to the dock by local fishermen using their fishing boats so the firemen could access it. 

This part of Shekou has been getting a lot of attention recently as demolition began in preparation for development of a new high-end seaside complex.

The cause of the fire is unclear; however, firemen were seen attempting to cut through the deck of the boat to get to the source of the smoke.

Bystanders witnessed the firemen bravely entering and crawling through the lower deck of the boat to get to and extinguish the fire. 

By about 8:15 am the fire seemed to be out and the firemen were packing up to leave.

Photo Credits: Mike Morrison

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