Just two days after at least nine women were seen taken away from a tiny massage parlor on a side street off Hai Chang Jie, another clean-up operation took place on the street. 


Spotted at around 9pm Tuesday June 5th, about 20 law enforcement personnel swept the small street in the Shekou Sub-District of Nanshan in Shenzhen, China.

Unlike a similar operation on May 11th that targeted the bars on the street, this raid, spearheaded by the Shekou Police, was a joint operation involving many law enforcement groups, and targeted a variety of different businesses.


Witnesses reported seeing them not only on Hai Chang Street between GongYuan Nanlu and Kangle Lu, but also at businesses on the small parallel street Shangle Lu.


Restaurants, noodle shops, repair shops, spas and, of course, bars were approached and inspected.


Some foreigners were asked to show their passports; but were otherwise left alone.


"They accepted a photocopy of my passport," one foreigner told us, "and they were very polite."


We didn't see any business closures take place; although we did see at least seven women taken away in police vans. 


The following statement was given when we asked why the raid took place: 

WeChat Translation: In order to continuously strengthen the work of prevention and control of public security, further standardize the operation and management of bar premises, eliminate hidden dangers to public security and fire safety, and crack down on illegal and criminal acts such as pornography, gambling, drug trafficking, drunken fighting, and quarrelling, The various functional departments of Shekou Street Joint Administrative Area shall conduct unified research and deployment, set up a special joint operational group to conduct an inventory of Haichang Bar Street and create a harmonious and stable social security environment.




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