A few days ago, Pingshan District launched the city's first demonstration route for Autonomous Driving Buses. Pingshan's first intelligent networked driverless bus, the "Panda Bus", is officially on the road. Rides are currently free by scanning the QR code for their mini-program at departure points.

The "panda" quietly appeared on the streets of Pingshan, traveling between Pingshan High-speed Railway Station and Pingshan Biomedical Accelerator.

"Panda Bus" is embedded with 6 types of dozens of high-precision and high-performance sensors, which can integrate and perceive road conditions in all directions, autonomously and accurately identify various types of traffic participants such as drivers, pedestrians, animals, and road environments under different conditions.

The bus, a full electric vehicle with a range of 250 kilometers, applies high-performance artificial intelligence algorithms to make decisions, plan, and control the vehicle. It is also equippred with a palmprint recognition system, so passengers just swipe their hands to ride, and a camera in the car that recognizes and analyzes various abnormal behaviors. If there is theft, smoking, falling, etc., the system will record the physical characteristics of the performer, and send a message to security personnel to come and provide assistance.

Source: 无人驾驶公交上路!深圳首条智能网联汽车应用示范线路在坪山上线

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