This new music video was recently produced here in Shekou by Expats Carlos Ruivo and Caisa Quinn. The video tells the story of "25 Years," an original song written by Carlos, and features a few scenes you may recognize from Sea World and surrounding areas.




Carlos Ruivo's AutoBiography

Carlos Ruivo is a Songwriter, Musician and Performer who was born in Portugal. Life and Music are his Passion. He started singing, playing guitar and writing songs almost 40 years ago. Carlos performed more than 5000 shows on big and small stages, played to the poor and to the Royal Family, played on radio and TV shows, internet shows, won contests, appeared in newspapers and magazines, wrote and recorded songs, and has taught many to be musicians. Carlos is now in the process of recording his songs to share with the world to enjoy. For more information or to hear more of Carlos' songs, add his WeChatID: carlosjruivo.


Video Credits:

  • Song: Carlos Ruivo - WeChat ID: carlosjruivo
  • Producers: Caisa Quinn and Carlos Ruivo
  • Story: Caisa Quinn
  • Director: Caisa Quinn
  • Singer: Carlos Ruivo
  • Husband: Nate F.
  • Wife: Koolyash F.
  • Younger son: Noah F.
  • Older son: Josh F.
  • Camera: Caisa Quinn
  • Editing: Caisa Quinn
  • Special thanks to The Terrace for the use of their beautiful stage.


For more works by Caisa Quinn, visit her Youku page at: or her YouTube page here.

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