Ferry service will be running as usual from Wednesday.

Ferry service is gradually returning to normal. Most service will be running as usual on Tuesday the 18th, except the following:

  • Shekou to Zhuhai 07:30, 16:00;
  • Zhuhai to Shekou 08:30, 18:00;
  • Macau Taipa to Shekou 08:30.

Ferry Service has been cancelled all day Monday. Tuesday service is tentative. Please check back later.

Shenzhen Bay Border Crossing opened at 11:15 this morning after suffering damage. Huanggang border is open but extremely crowded.

All city buses are operational

Shenzhen Metro announced it is now fully operational

June Yoga Studio has cancelled classes for Monday

Sea World is open Monday

Ferry Service will not resume before 2pm Monday. An announcement will be release Monday about whether service will resume after 2pm. Please check back then.

Shenzhen Metro Lines 2, 7 and 9 will be fully operational Monday morning from 6:30am. The following stations are pending inspection. The SZ Metro will announce their operating time once completed. 

  • Line 1: Hou Rui Station and Airport East Station
  • Line 3: Shuibei Station and Shuanglong Station
  • Line 4: Minle Station and Qinghu Station
  • Line 5: Shenzhen North Station and Tanglang Station
  • Line 11: Airport Station and Bitou Station

George & Dragon, X-TA-SEA, Terrace are closed for the night.

Warehouse Pizza closed at 1:30pm and stopped delivery. 

Shenzhen Metro is closed from 12 noon today.

Taxi services are suspended for today.

The Luohu Checkpoint and Metro Station are closed Sunday.

Shekou Walmart will close from 11am Sunday.

Schools across Guangdong will be closed Monday.

Shenzhen Bay Border Crossing is closed Sunday.

Terrace in Sea World closed until at least 6pm Sunday.

HH Gourmet closed at 12 noon today. 0755-2683-9259

Sea World Management announced Sea World will be closed Sunday

Officials announced schools should be closed on Sunday and Monday

Shenzhen Metro Station Closures on Sept 16th: "The recovery time of the outage section will be determined based on meteorological conditions."

  • Line 1 Hourui-Airport East Section Station,
  • Line 3 Shuibei-Shuanglong Section Station,
  • Line 5 Shenzhen North-Tanglang Section Station,
  • Line 11 Airport-Bitou Section station.

UPDATE: More closures and cancellations announced this afternoon for Sunday September 16th:

  • Humen Bridge
  • Some Shenzhen Metro Stations. Those open will be running at reduced speeds
  • Shenzhen Airport plus on the 17th: from 00:00 - 8:00
  • Hong Kong International Airport
  • HuaQiangBei
  • Nanshan Palace Museum
  • All Shenzhen City Parks

UPDATE: All ferry service is cancelled all day Sunday September 16th. Check back Monday regarding when services will resume again. The following are cancelled today:

  • Zhuhai lines from 3pm;
  • Shekou to Hong Kong Airport from 4:30pm;
  • Hong Kong Airport to Shekou from 5:30pm;
  • Shekou to Hong Kong Central from 3:45pm;
  • Hong Kong Central to/from Shekou from 5:00pm;
  • Shekou to Macau (Taipa) from 4:00pm;
  • Macau (Taipa) to Shekou from 5:30pm;
  • Shekou to Macao from 2:45pm;
  • Macau (outside port) to Shekou from 4:15pm;
  • Shenzhen Bay Boat Tours Suspended all day.

Super Typhoon Mangkhut has ravaged the Philippines and is now heading towards Guangdong. Various announcements have already been sent out regarding cancellation of services from today all the way through Tuesday. More are expected to come in throughout the next couple of days. We'll continue to update this article when they do.

At 10.20pm last night, the HKO issued its Standby Signal No. 1, when the storm was more than 1,000km away. This is the furthest out a storm has ever been when the signal was hoisted. According to historical records at the Hong Kong Observatory (HKO), Mangkhut could be one of the strongest storms to impact Hong Kong in more than six decades.

CORRECTION: Astronaut Alexander Gerst captured this image of Hurricane Florence from the space station on Sept. 12, 2018. Credit: NASA

Don't be fooled by trajectory forecasts. The shaded area in the following forecast shows the probable trajectory. It does NOT represent the areas that may be impacted by the storm. A storm of this magnitude will have a much wider area of impact.

The following is a forecast by Windy showing potentially impacted areas at 11am on Sunday September 16th. Red and purple are bad.

Despite current forecasts predicting the storm will pass by just south of the territories, officials aren't taking any chances.


Officials in Hong Kong held their second emergency meeting in three days yesterday with more than 30 bureaus, official departments and public organisations as they work to be better prepared than they were for the last Super Typhoon, Hato; which killed 10 people in Macau last August and also prompted the HKO to issue their Hurricane Signal, No. 10, the highest storm warning. According to the Hong Kong Free Press, that was the first Signal No.10 since 2012. 

“As the wind and rain brought by Mangkhut are expected to come in extraordinary speed, scope and severity, I have ordered all parties to prepare for the worst,” Hong Kong’s security minister John Lee Ka-chiu said. 

Hurricane Florence on the left and Mangkhut on the right. Japan's typhoon last week in the middle.


Watch videos of HATO's impact on Shenzhen here.



The Hong Kong International Airport Authority announced that operations at the airport will be seriously affected over the coming days.

Due to the approach of Typhoon Mangkhut, flight operations at Hong Kong International Airport are expected to be impacted. Passengers are advised to contact their airlines for the latest flight information, and to proceed to the airport only when their seats and flight time have been confirmed before departing for the airport.

Cathay Pacific Airways warned that flights departing from Hong Kong between noon and 7pm on Sunday would be subject to “severe disruption”. The airline said it would contact affected passengers once alternative flights were ready. Hong Kong Airlines cancelled 24 flights for Sunday and one for Monday. It delayed 20 others departing on Saturday and Sunday for one day.

Need to check your flight? Click here for real-time flight info at Hong Kong International Airport or click here for flight queries from Shenzhen Airport.



Both the Shenzhen and Guangzhou Metro operators announced that they have started a series of undertakings to prepare for the storm and keep the metro safe. The Guangzhou Metro stated in their press release that they may consider closing the metro, if necessary. Last year, the Shenzhen Metro closed various stations multiple lines when HATO hit. We'll update this page when any closures are announced.



So far, all ferry service to and from Zhuhai from 3pm today have been cancelled until further notice. We expect the other ferry ports to follow suit at some point today or tomorrow. We'll post here once those cancellations have been confired.



The following trains/routes have already been confirmed suspended. We'll update here when/if more are announced.

Fujian to Guangdong 

  • Fuzhou to Guangzhou South G1609 / 8 times 
  • Fuzhou to Shenzhen North d2331, D151 times
  • Fuzhou South to Shenzhen North D671, D2303, D3337, D3339, D3333, D2311, D2301, D2327, D2323, D2307, d2309 times
  • Xiamen to Guangzhou East d2383 / 2 times
  • Xiamen to Shenzhen North D673, D2305, D683, D155, D157, D2335, D2317 
  • Xiamen north to Shenzhen North D2329, d2339, d685, d2333, d687, d689, d691, D959, d2319, d2341, d2345, d2349
  • Quanzhou to Shenzhen North D2313, D2343, D2315 times 
  • Longyan to Shenzhen North D2355, D2351 times 
  • Wuyishan east to Shenzhen North d2353 times
  • Taining to Shenzhen North d2297 times
  • Putian to Shenzhen North D681 times 

Guangdong to Fujian 

  • Guangzhou east to Xiamen d2381 / 4 times
  • Guangzhou south to Fuzhou g1607 / 10 times
  • Guangzhou south to Nanchang West g632 times

Tickets for the Guangzhou-Shenzhen-Hong Kong and hangzhou-shenzhen high-speed railway, the Guangzhou-Shenzhen high-speed railway, the Guangzhou-Zhuhai inter-city railway and the guangdong-hunan railway will be suspended from September 17 to 18.

In addition, on September 16, September 17, Shenzhen west railway station bound for Chengdu k586, Chongqing North k836 passenger train will be out.



The following is a summary of the various precautionary steps to take (provided by the HKO) when, or before, the various storm alerts are announced.

Precautions to take now:

Make sure objects likely to be blown away are securely fastened or taken indoors. Overhanging facilities and temporary structures outdoors should be securely fastened or placed on the ground. Drains should be cleared of leaves and rubbish. People in low-lying areas should take precautions against flooding. Stay away from the shoreline and not to engage in water sports. Small vessels should seek shelter without delay.

Actions to take before a Gale or Storm Signal No. 8 is raised:

Lock all windows and doors, insert reinforced shutters and gates if they are available. Adhesive tape fixed to large window-panes in exposed positions will reduce damage and injury by broken glass. Do not stand near windows on the exposed side of your home. Make sure you have a safe place to shelter, should windows be broken. Owners of neon signs should switch off the electricity supply to the signs. Park your car where it is safe. Owing to storm surge, low-lying areas may have serious flooding or backflow of seawater. Avoid going to likely affected low-lying areas and stay away from dangerous places. Avoid staying in the street. Return home as soon as possible if conditions so permit.

Actions to take when an Increasing Gale or Storm Signal No. 9 or a Hurricane Signal No. 10 is in force:

Stay indoors. If you are reasonably protected, stay where you are. Do not touch electric cables that have been blown loose. Stay away from exposed windows and doors because glass, already under strain from wind pressure, will shatter easily if hit by a flying object. Make sure you have a safe place to shelter. You should only fix broken windows and doors when there is no danger in doing so. People outdoors should find a safe place now and remain there until the danger is over.


Stay Safe! We'll update this page when more cancellation notices are announced. For up-to-date info on Super Typhoon Mangkhut, click here. 

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