Carmen is a world-famous opera written by French composer Georges Bizet in the autumn of 1874. Carmen has been adapted into a number of dramatic works and performed on world-wide artists' stages.

This performance is a flamenco dance version of Carmen. From Gypsies' hometown in Spain, Flamenco has become one of the most typical Spanish art forms.

Ballet Flamenco de Madrid, a professional artistic group, adapts the opera Carmen into a Flamenco show including music, dance, singing and instruments. The production has strong rhythm with passionate and graceful dance. The spiritual interpretation captivates audiences throughout performance. The show has been performed over 2500 times on Spanish and worldwide stages.



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Ticket Packages:
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Ballet Flamenco de Madrid is a well-known artistic group with decades of performing experience. It was born in around 2000 from the need of developing Spanish dance and Flamenco. The current group is a result of several mergers and expansions and has built a Cultural Association in Spain to promote culture and art communication among worldwide countries.



The Group has performed worldwide shows for several years and has become the cultural envoy between China and Spain by attending the “2000 3rd Beijing International Tourism Cultural Festival”, the “2002 Liaoning 5th Cultural Festival” and the “2006 9th Beijing International Tourism Cultural Festival”. Moreover, the Group had month-long tour performances in China in 2006 and 2015.


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Shenzhen from Sept.25th (Tuesday) to Sept.26th (Wednesday).
Date: Sept.25th (Tuesday) 20:00/ Sept.26th (Wednesday) 20:00
Venue: Poly Theater, Shenzhen



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