If you passed by Hai Chang Street in Shekou last night or this morning, you may have already noticed that many of the small bars were shut down. The official seal of Shekou Police Station of Shenzhen Public Security Bureau was plastered on at least four establishments we saw.

The owner of one bar that got shut down said that she was told she needed a fire safety license. However, one person close to the situation told us that one of the reasons for the shut downs is to stamp out prostitution, and... unlike a similar operation carried out by the city's fire department in the past, the seals on the shutdown businesses this time are from the Shekou Police.

This comes just two days after police were on the street questioning bars about noise complaints, perhaps pertaining to a gathering nearby for a stag party the weekend before; which local residents were publicly complaining about in community WeChat groups.

It is unclear whether this is in any way related to “BD-30,” a 100-day operation carried out throughout the entire city by the Shenzhen Traffic Police to "effectively prevent road traffic safety accidents, and further strengthen the comprehensive improvement of traffic safety." E-bike riders have been targeted in that operation as well. If you're an e-bike rider, you may want to check out this map of the top e-bike trap spots in Shekou.


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