On Thursday, July 18th, I had the opportunity to sit down with Mr. Liu Li, the Secretary of the Party Committee of the Zhaoshang Sub-District (which makes up 95% of the Shekou Qianghai Free Trade Zone), to discuss how foreigners could take advantage of the new ZhaoShang Venture Capital Alliance he recently established to fund businesses here.



With the help of this Nanshan International Cultural Exchange & Service Center (NSIC), I was also able to share my ideas with his office about organizing events specifically to help foreigners understand how they can get funding, what they need to do to get the funding, and ultimately, to connect them directly with the right investors and support for their projects. He loved the idea and agreed to support us with a trial event... which he said we would hold the following day. 



Together with the team at NSIC, we scrambled to design, organize, and promote the event with just 24 hours. It was too late to publish the event in our Official WeChat account; however, we published it on ShekouDaily.com, shared it in a few groups, and with people who had expressed an interest in this type of topic to us in the past.



Why the rush? Well, some of Shenzhen's top government heads were planning to meet that day discuss the Internationalization of Shenzhen and how they can help support foreign owned businesses, so it was a perfect time to bring people together to help share ideas and get a clearer picture of how we could work together for a brighter future.




The turnout shocked even me, considering the extremely short notice. Far more people than I had expected, more than 40 foreigners, came out to listen or present some brilliant ideas.



Mr. Lane Lihan, the manager of the SHENZHEN NANSHAN CAPITAL gave us an introduction of the Chinese investment landscape, provided some feedback to the presenters, and even connected with a few of them he liked. The event was scheduled to end at 6:00 p.m.; however, even 90 minutes after the event finished, people were still chatting away with their newly made contacts.



There's More to Come...

The great news is that the trial resulted in the go-ahead to continue more of these types of events. If you have a business idea, an existing business in Shenzhen, or anything in between, and are looking for investment or any kind of support, contact us to stay informed of what's to come and learn how you can get help.



About the Zhanshang Venture Capital Alliance
The Zhaoshang Venture Capital Alliance coordinates fund companies, financial institutions, business incubators, industry associations and other resources to provide financial support, policy consultation, entrepreneurship training, venue support, project promotion, creative and innovation services, and solve start-up, investment and financing challenges.


About the Shenzhen Nanshan Capital
Founded in 2013, NANSHAN CAPITAL is a state-owned investment institution, that focuses on developing extraordinary companies through its expertise in private equity and venture capital. By giving full play to the advantage of a wide range of resources, including government policies, superior industrial cluster in NANSHAN, and its reputable alliance, NANSHAN CAPITAL provides funding through seed to growth-stage and strives to help its portfolio companies thrive.


About the Nanshan International Cultural Exchange & Service Center
Founded in November 2018, the Nanshan International Cultural Exchange & Service Center is committed to helping expats to integrate in Shenzhen with free authoritative information, consultancy and culture exchange events through online and offline services. They are located at Imperial Park across Wanghai Road from Sea World, in Shekou, Shenzhen. 
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