On February 7, the Shenzhen Municipality's New Coronavirus Infected Pneumonia Prevention and Control Headquarters officially issued "Several Measures on Establishing and Improving the Community Joint Prevention and Control Mechanism" (hereinafter referred to as "Several Measures"), and proposed the implementation of strict Community prevention and control measures; which are divided into three parts: the "Five 100%", the "Ten Uniform" and the "Four Key Points". Please note and read these carefully as they will drastically impact your day-to-day life in Shenzhen for the foreseeable future.

The Five 100%s

1  100% of all communities must implement closed/enclosed management. This means that community management must be able to monitor and control 100% of those coming in or out;
2. 100% of the people who have lived in the key areas of the epidemic in the past 14 days are to be isolated at home;
3. 100% of people who have a history of close contact with cases of infection are to be under centralized quarantine;
4. Body temperature screening must be implemented for 100% of residents in the community;
5. Communities must inform 100% of renters and tenants of their responsibilities.

The "Ten Rules"

1. All communities and villages in the city shall set up inspection registration cards at entrances and exits to minimize entrances and exits;
2. For the residents who are still in Hubei, the community will inform them not to return to Shenzhen for the time being, and those who have already returned to the area will strictly implement home isolation measures;
3. Patients with fever should report to the community as soon as possible, register their identity information and contact phone number, and be sent to the hospital for medical treatment in a timely manner;
4. All non-residents and non-resident vehicles are not allowed to enter the community. Special circumstances should be registered and filed if the residents agree;

Residents of all community districts should self-declare their personal information through the WeChat “深 i 您—自主申报” mini-program, WeChat public account “i 深圳”微信公众号, APP, etc., and enter and exit the community with the obtained system authentication figure. If you're having trouble doing this, click here to reach out to the friendly staff at the Nanshan International Cultural Exchange and Service Center for help.

5. All residents returning to Shenzhen from traveling outside the city, visiting relatives, etc. will be questionned regarding their living history, travel history, and contact history within the past 14 days;
6. Residential building units with confirmed cases will implement hard isolation for 14 days, and an "Isolation" notice will be posted in a conspicuous place;

Community workers and volunteers will provide non-contact services such as home delivery, cleaning up garbage, and purchasing household items, for those people who are quarantined at home.

7. All takeaway, courier, delivery, etc. will implement contactless distribution, and transfer goods at the entrance of the community;
8. Residents in residential buildings shall not visit other households in the same complex, and must strictly adhere to the requirements for wearing masks in public places; (Click here for the latest mask-wearing requirements - found at the end of the article)
9. Corridors, elevators and small enclosed places should be disinfected daily;
10. All public places in the community that are not necessary for the life of the residents will be closed, and all mass gathering activities will be stopped.

The “Four Key Points”

Key populations: identifying, tracking, observing and reporting on the people from the key areas of the epidemic among the returnees.

Key areas: implementing closed management of villages and rental houses, and strictly clarify the responsibility of owners of rental houses to prevent and control the first person responsible.

Key measures and key offices: highlighting the use of grid-based investigation methods in household surveys, integrating various organizations and teams, and conducting pull-up investigations with grid members to identify fever patients and close contacts.

Key links: A supervision service group consisting of community cadres, community police, community doctors, and volunteers to provide necessary contactless living services to prevent those in isolation from leaving the house to go out.

Source: 紧急扩散!深圳所有小区开始封闭管理,存确诊病例整单元须强制隔离14天

We've seen reports that Guangzhou and other cities have announced similar measures if they didn't already have more strict ones in place.

24/7 Hotline for Foreigners
Starting from the midnight of Feb. 8th of the year 2020, a 24 hour English and Chinese hot-line set by Guangdong Foreign Affairs Office will open to public. During the period of prevention and control over novel coronavirus, foreign nationals in Guangdong province can call 1258088 for inquiries or assistance at anytime.

Additionally, whether you're inside or out of China, you can contact the friendly staff at the Nanshan International Cultural Exchange and Service Center here.


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