It has recently come to our attention that a rally is being planned at the Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA) this Friday July 26th.



Running into trouble at the airport can ruin your day and or experience in China so we thought you might like to be aware of this. I'm sure you've already heard about what's been going on in the region so we're not going to go into it here.



According to flyers being circulated, the rally is planned to take place from 1pm to midnight in HKIA Terminal one.


The Airport Authority is working to ensure smooth airport operations; however, considering the situation and that some airline workers are publicly stating that they don't want to go to work, it may be a good idea to make alternate plans if you were scheduled to travel during this time. 


"Airport Authority Hong Kong (AA) is aware that there have been calls posted online for a rally at the airport. The AA will work closely with its business partners to ensure smooth airport operations. The AA hopes that participants of the activities would not affect passengers and airport operations."


Safe travels!

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