A company's “emotional holiday” policy for employees has sparked heated discussions on the Internet, the Southern Metropolis Daily reported yesterday.


On February 27th, their reporter contacted Mr. Chen, the vice chairman of the company in Changzhou, Jiangsu Province, China. He revealed that in fact, the current "emotional leave" has been in place at the company for three years already. Employees can apply for a day without needing to provide a reason to take a paid day off. 


He explained that as a service-oriented company, conflicts with customers often put employees in a bad mood and its important to keep the employees happy.


“In the beginning, employees were asked to go to the restroom first. Then we decided to offer the day off.” Mr. Chen admits that since it is “emotional leave”, some employees are not willing to tell their company about their bad feelings so the company will often take the initiative and offer employees the vacation. "Sometimes we see some employees secretly hiding in the lounge and weeping, we will let them take a day off directly." Mr. Chen said, "Since setting such a holiday, We will respect employees and will not ask specific reasons."


The reporter also learned that the company also set up a “grievance award” for employees' grievances. The reward is not ordinary cash, but a late arrival card and a rest permit. “We don’t want to do our work too rigidly," Mr. Chen said, "and as a result, employees’ loyalty and enthusiasm has gone up."


The reporter found that in the past few years, other shopping malls and companies in Hangzhou and Chongqing have been providing employees with “emotional leave” and “physiological leave” and other holidays, and have been praised online for their “warm heart” by netizens.


The Southern Metropolis Daily reporter interviewed Huang Zhili, the chief physician of the Psychology Department of the First Affiliated Hospital of Guangdong Pharmaceutical University who says she agrees with the company's approach. "If employees are in such an emotional state, attention, judgment, and comprehensive analysis will decline. The body will also have some bad reactions, like poor sleep, dizziness, chest tightness, etc.. If not resolved in time, serious problems can develop into depression."


As a senior psychologist, Huang Lili said that today's fast-paced society has put pressure on many people. Some companies may focus on performance, failing to pay attention to their physical and mental health in a timely manner, and there are many cases of psychological problems caused by work. She suggested that outdoor sports is a very effective way to release stress and improve mood. "It is also good to find some friends to talk to and listen to music. They don't advocate staying up late and drinking."


Reference: 这家公司火了!员工心情不好,可以直接放假!

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