According to an announcement published by the Macau Government Information Bureau at 8:34 p.m. last night, a Macau Medical certificate will be compulsory for non-resident workers to re-enter Macao from Mainland China starting February 20th.

Macao non-resident workers who have been to the mainland in the 14 days prior to their intended arrival in Macao, will only be permitted to enter Macao once they have completed a 14-day period of medical observation in certain places in Zhuhai, Guangdong Province, and have obtained a certificate – issued by Zhuhai health authorities – confirming they are not infected by Covid-19.

The new measure will become effective after the stroke of midnight on Thursday (20 February), according to Executive Order 40/2020 published today in the Macao SAR Gazette.

Non-resident workers wishing to re-enter Macao via places outside the mainland – and who are unable either to obtain a medical certificate proving freedom from Covid-19 infection or alternatively return to their place of origin – will be subject to a 14-day medical observation in Macao. They would need to meet at their own expense costs arising from such quarantine.

The Health Bureau has the power to exempt certain non-resident workers from compliance with the new measure, to serve the public interest where such a worker’s job involves either disease prevention and control or emergency rescue functions. Such exemption could be granted also with a view to ensuring proper operation of public services in the community and of satisfying the basic day-to-day needs of the Macao public.

The Government has been paying close attention to the development of the Covid-19 situation and has steps available – taking into account the latest conditions in Macao – in order to minimise the risk of the disease spreading within the community. 

To minimise the number of non-resident workers travelling to and from Macao, the Government has taken a series of measures, including shortening the operating hours of the Border Gate checkpoint; and suspending operations of certain industries and facilities. The Government has also been making public appeals to employers to resolve accommodation issues in Macao. This is to enable certain non-resident workers – people who normally commute daily across the city’s boundaries – to stay in the city on a nightly basis.

The announcement makes no specific mention of visitors or tourists so we called the phone number listed on the government bureau's website to find out for you. They told us that this requirement does not apply to non-workers unless you've visited Hubei recently. Click here for the latest Shekou Ferry Schedule to Macau.

Source: Medical certificate compulsory for non-resident workers to re-enter Macao 

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