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UPDATE: Shenzhen News denies rumors of city-wide water/power cutoff. 

The Municipal Defense Office said that it had not issued a notice of water and power failure in the city. At present, some areas are affected by the typhoon, the power supply line is faulty, resulting in water and power failure, and the staff is in emergency repair. At 13:40 on the 16th, the SZ News reporter learned from the Municipal Water Affairs Group that the current water supply is not affected, and there are a few localized water shortages due to power outages and tree pressure pipe network. The public does not have to panic for the time being.

UPDATE: Flooding Expected. Sirens Alert at 12 noon, Mangkhut Prompts Highest Storm Warning, Schools Closed & More... Click here for details.

The HKO issued the Hurricane Signal, No. 10, the highest storm warning, at 9:40 a.m. Sunday September 16th has now Severe Typhoon Mangkhut was impacting the area. This means that winds with mean speeds of 118 kilometres per hour or more are expected. In the past hour, the maximum sustained winds recorded at Waglan Island, Tate's Cairn and Cheung Chau were 140, 139 and 91 kilometres per hour with maximum gusts 170, 194 and 135 kilometres per hour respectively.

At 10 a.m., Severe Typhoon Mangkhut was centred about 150 kilometres south-southeast of Hong Kong (near 21.0 degrees north 114.5 degrees east) and is forecast to move west-northwest at about 30 kilometres per hour towards the coast of western Guangdong.

Mangkhut continues to move steadily towards the coast of western Guangdong, edging further closer to Hong Kong with a high threat. According to the present forecast track, Mangkhut will be closest to the Pearl River Delta around noontime today, skirting about 100 kilometres to the south of Hong Kong. The Hurricane Signal, No. 10 will remain in force for a few hours.

The circulation of Mangkhut is extensive and winds are fierce. Mangkhut's intense rainbands are affecting Hong Kong, bringing frequent squalls and heavy rain. Sea will be phenomenal with swells. Local winds will change gradually from northeasterlies to easterlies. Areas which were previously sheltered may become exposed. Members of the public should stay on high alert.

Under the influence of storm surge, a high water level of about 3.5 metres or more above chart datum is expected at the Victoria Harbour between 2 p.m. and 4 p.m today; and a high water level of about 4.0 metres or more above chart datum is expected at Tai O between 3 p.m. and 6 p.m. today. The high water level may cause severe flooding in low-lying areas.


HKO's Precautionary Announcements

1. Do not go outside. If you are reasonably protected, stay where you are. Do not touch electric cables that have been blown loose.

2. Stay away from exposed windows and doors because glass, already under strain from wind pressure, will shatter easily if hit by a flying object. Make sure you have a safe place to shelter. You should only fix broken windows and doors when there is no danger in doing so.

3. People outdoors should find a safe place now and remain there until the danger is over.




The risk of flooding and backwashing of sea water is predicted to be very high. Particularly on Shajing Street, Fuhai Street, Hangcheng Street, Xixiang Street, Nanshan District Merchants Street, Shekou Street, Yantian District Haishan Street, Yantian Street, Meisha Street and other coastal areas; In particular, special attention should be paid to populated areas such as Shekou Peninsula, Coastal Rose Garden and Zhaoshang Street. We will make every effort to prepare the underground garages and the territorial sea areas for tide prevention and wave preparedness. It is predicted that the tide level will flood the seawalls in the above areas after 12:00 noon. 



The Guangdong Provincial Education Department issued an urgent emergency notice yesterday that education bureaus at all levels, all ordinary colleges, provincial primary and secondary schools should be closed on Monday.

In fact, many things have been cancelled and closed around town. Click here for an up-to-date list of cancellations and closures.




[Emergency Text] With the approval of the municipal government, on September 18, 12:00 to 15, an air-raid alert will be held throughout the city. All citizens are requested to listen to the sirens and do not panic and maintain normal work and living order.

What do the sirens mean? There will be three: A pre alarm, an air raid siren and the all clear.

  • Pre-Alarm: 36 seconds, stop 24 seconds, 3 times. 
  • Air Raid Alarm: 6 seconds, stop 6 seconds, 15 times

  • The All-Clear: 3 minutes straight.


For interactive storm trackers or up-to-date info regarding Typhoon Mangkhut, click here.


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