About 400 paintings by French impressionist Claude Monet will be featured in a multimedia exhibit in Shenzhen from this coming August!

3D Mapping and intelligent interactive technology will be used to bring us the "Impressive Monet 5D Light and Shadow Multimedia Art Experience Exhibition;" an unprecedented somatosensory experience through sight, sound, smell, touch and flow between dynamic and static states.

Claude Monet (1840-1926), is a French artist who is remembered as a founder of impressionism. In fact, it was his painting Impression, Sunrise which inspired the term impressionism.

From 2016 till now, the exhibition has had over 1,000,000 visitors in 17 cities across China and was also recently in Korea and Japan.

Brought to us by Juooo, the exhibition will be held at the new Uniwalk mall, the largest shopping mall in Shenzhen.

The exhibition will feature more than 400 precious masterpieces in a multi-media exhibition, in 10 major exhibition areas:

  1. “The Journey of Impressions,”
  2. “The Light of Impressions,”
  3. “The Beautiful Paris,”
  4. “Impression of Sunrise,”
  5. “Permeated Sky,”
  6. “Love in Love,”
  7. “Color of Impressions,”
  8. “Source of Inspiration,”
  9. “Secret Garden,” and
  10. “Little Monet Dream Maker" (admission sold separately).

The exhibition hall will also feature various viewing experience areas; such as this one that is surrounded by water lilies and a Japanese bridge); and a dedicated photography area for self-portraits.

The attention to detail, intimate settings, and creative layouts will not only make for a memorable experience, but also for a great place to take a date or enjoy an art experience with the whole family and friends.

In fact, one of the halls, the "Little Monet Dreaming Factory" is designed to blend art and technology to create an interactive and "magical" playground for the kids. It will include a magical ocean and magical forest scenes; a dynamic slide and shifting ground, Hogwarts wall and virtual beach, and painting stations. Admission to this hall is sold separately.

The exhibition will take place from August 18th, 2018 to November 18th , from 10am to 10pm at: 深圳宝安中心壹方城 Uniwalk, Baoan District, Shenzhen. To get there, take Metro line 1 to Bao'an Center, Exit F  宝安中心站F出口

How to buy tickets:

Save 50% with early bird tickets bought online!

Unfortunately, the ticket system is only available in Chinese; however, you may be able to pull it off with limited Chinese skills. Click here to buy your tickets or see below for pricing details:


  • Admission closes at 9pm.
  • The exhibition is closed on Mondays (except September 24th and October 1st).
  • The "All days" Ticket is required for September 24 (Mid Autumn Festival) and October 1st - 5th (National Day).
  • Tickets purchased online within 3 days of the visit date must be picked up in person.
  • After successfully placing the order, you will receive confirmation information via SMS.
  • For any questions or issues with ticket, call the customer service hotline at: 400-185-8666.


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