Today was a perfect day to spend at the pool, or so it seemed for quite a few expats that decided to go to the pool at Peninsula to enjoy the morning. 


"A Chinese bloke... came in with 4 guards and someone from management. Everyone without swimcap was tossed out from the big pool. They walked around confronting all the foreigners..." an expat told us regarding an incident today. "A lot of people just left with no refunds."


Photo Credit: TANYA Laffa


We spoke with the receptionist at the pool to find out what's going on and she confirmed that yes, as of April 27th of this year, wearing swim caps is now a government requirement for all pools in Shenzhen. When asked why people weren't told about this before paying to enter the pool they replied that the staff is instructed to let everyone know before they buy their tickets. Unfortunately, some people today were not told about this new rule. "It's my fault. I'm sorry," the receptionist told us... but still, no refunds.



We called the other pools in Shekou and most said they now require the use of the swimcap. Only one other confirmed this new "government requirement." We've updated our list of Swimming Pools in Shekou to state whether or not they require swim caps.


To make sure you don't have any unfortunate incidents like this, you may want to prepare your swim caps when visting any pools in Shenzhen. If you don't have one and it turns out your need one, most pools sell them on the spot. The Peninsula pool, for example, offers them for 20 RMB.


For a list of swimming pools in Shekou, Shenzhen, click here


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