Over a dozen bars owners were called into the HaiChang Community Police Office (海昌工作站) on GongYuan Nanlu in the Shekou Sub-District of Nanshan in Shenzhen today, where they were given notice of some "new rules" that they have until the 27th of this month to comply with.

Worried bar owners immediately started asking around to see who else had been given this notice; which, according to the police officers, was handed down from above and are meant for all bars in the city; no matter their size.

Most of the rules are fairly standard; except one... Rule #3; which roughly translates as follows (original Chinese below):

Equipped with safety inspection facilities. All bars should be equipped with safety inspection equipment such as metal detector doors and micrometer X-rays in the main entrance, and equipped with at least 2 full-time guards  (including at least 1 female guard). Other entrances and exits that do not have security equipment installed should be guarded. During the business hours, only staff are allowed to enter. During the business period, it is necessary to inspect all. It is strictly forbidden to carry guns, ammunition, dangerous utensils, explosives, hazardous or poisonous material.

3.  配备安全检查设施。 所有的酒吧应在主要入口处配备通过试金属探测门和维剂量 X 射线等安全检查设备,并配备至少2名专职案件人员 (其中女性案件人员不得消耗于1 名)。  未安装安检设备的其他出入口要有专人保守, 在营业期间所有人员只准出不准进。 营业期间要对人常消费人员注意检查, 靠报验视,严禁非法携带枪支, 弹药,光质器具或者携带爆炸性,依然性,毒害性。

We've called various bar owners on HaiChang Street and in the Sea World area and so far only the bars on Hai Chang Street have confirmed that they've received this notification. We'll follow up when more information becomes available.

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