On March 1st, the Shenzhen Metro, MTR (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. and China UnionPay jointly launched the IC bank card payment method on the entire network of the Shenzhen Metro. 
You can now pay for your metro trips using your IC equipped bank cards including UnionPay mobile phone QuickPass and UnionPay IC card flash payment, as well as Huawei Pay, Apple Pay and other UnionPay mobile phone flash pay capable devices.



This new addition, bringing the total number of payment methods for subway rides to seven, eliminates the need to carry bus cards and or buy one-use tickets at the station; making it much faster and easier to take the subway. Additionally, passengers with these types of bank cards, no matter where they were issued, will be able to quickly and easily use the Shenzhen Metro.


IC Bank Cards & QuickPass
IC bank cards refer to chipped bank cards (including debit cards and credit cards) issued by banks issued with UnionPay logo and flash payment "Quick Pass" logo. Flash Pay supports various mobile phones such as Huawei Pay, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Mi Pay, etc. 


Consumers can complete the payment without unlocking the phone and opening the app... and without Internet access.


The public can directly use the IC bank card or mobile phone to check in and out of the station at the gates with the "UnionPay Flash" and "National Traffic Card" logos in the subway station. They can also be used without Internet access.


How Does It Work?
To use the IC bank card to take the subway, you must first authorize the card, and ensure that the available balance in the card is not less than 14 yuan. 

When passengers enter the gate, the issuing bank will first freeze the highest ordinary one-way fare of 14 yuan on the Shenzhen rail transit network to ensure that there is sufficient payment in the card. After the trip, the deduction will be based on the actual fare. 

Special circumstances 
Different banks have different pre-authorization settings and so it is possible that the frozen amount held by the bank when entering the subway may be more than 14 yuan. For the specific amount, please consult with the bank issuing your IC bank card.



One person, One card, One entry and One Exit
Passengers must use the same card to enter and exit the gate. IC bank cards and smartphones and devices cannot be mixed. If you use an IC bank card or a smart phone to swipe into the station, you need to use the same card or device to leave the station. A smart phone or smart watch, wristband and other wearable devices that are bundled with IC bank cards can be used without internet access; however, if you used a card to enter a station, you cannot use any of these devices to exit the station; even if they are bound to the same card.



At present, each station of Shenzhen Metro has at least four gates (two in and two out) that support the use of IC bank cards and national traffic cards, while the Chegongmiao, Futian, Laojie, Houhai and other passenger stations have at least 10 gates. Line 4 will be flexibly adjusted according to the needs of each station. Stations with heavy passenger flow on Line 4 may have up to 8 gates (four in and four out), when needed. All the gates of Shenzhen North Station of Line 4 can support IC bank cards and national traffic. All the gates of the Shenzhen Metro's full network are expected to support the service of two types of new cards by the end of the year.



NOTE: This new payment method currently cannot be used to purchase tickets for the Business Class seats of Line 11.

REMINDER: Each mobile device manufacturer has different methods and processes for binding IC bank cards. Therefore, it is recommended, in order to avoid delays, that people wishing to take the subway using their mobile device refer to their binding process and bind their IC bank card to the device before arriving to the station.



Ticket Fare Prices
The IC bank card and the national traffic card fare prices are the same as ordinary one-way tickets. They do not enjoy the Shenzhen subway fare discount offered with the metro cards. Other offers are subject to third party announcements.


Smart Travel to Accommodate Growing Needs
“Shenzhen Metro has been promoting the 'operational + technology' approach in recent years; such as mobile payments, scan code crossing, unmanned driving research, and other projects that are constantly advancing," said Chen Qi, general manager of Shenzhen Metro Operation Headquarters.  "The mission is, as always, guided by the needs of citizens and urban development, constantly innovating technology, building a cornerstone for Shenzhen's urban development, opening up new articles for residents' rail transit life, and contributing to the infrastructure construction of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Dawan District."

In 2018, the average daily passenger flow of the Shenzhen Metro network reached 5.12 million passengers.

MTR (Shenzhen) General Manager Huang Wei said "it is the golden period for the development of rail transit and other public transportation in Shenzhen. “Smart Travel” will have more open and compatible applications in the subway and other scenes. We will continue to innovate and build a convenient and intelligent public transportation system to make the lives of the citizens more convenient, and the city better."


Reference:  深圳市地铁全线网正式上线金融IC卡过闸服务

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