​The official WeChat account of the Luohu Community recently announced the launch of a new platform called 'Snapshot;' which rewards "social supervisors" for uploading photos of people demonstrating "civilized" and "uncivilized" behavior. The website aims to elevate society's civilization to a higher level and help Shenzhen win the title of National Civilized City.

Upon seeing either good behavior or bad conduct, people can take photos and post them to the official account; including descriptions and location of the scene, for a chance to be rewarded with 'points' that can be redeemed for money via WeChat red packets.

The Luohu government encourages citizens to highlight both civilized behavior that others could learn from, and uncivilized behavior that needs to be rectified. This can be done via PCs as well as mobile phones. 

Good behavior, may include residents sorting their garbage correctly and volunteers at intersections supervising the public to abide by traffic rules, while the section of 'exposing uncivilized behavior' can reveal conduct like letting dogs out unleashed or street vendors occupying the road and forming a traffic hazard.

Photographers can get 1-500 points for their submissions. The top three each month will receive an additional 50,000 points. These points can be redeemed as WeChat red pockets ranging in value from 5-100 yuan.

The title of National Civilized City is awarded every three years for cities that perform well in economic development, political stability, raising cultural-ethical standards and resident satisfaction. So far, Shenzhen has won the award five times.

Ironically, just as this was announced, a Chinese man who called another person a homewrecker in his WeChat moments, was ordered to pay 1,000 yuan ($114) as compensation by a court in Southwest China's Chongqing Municipality, for reputation and privacy infringement.


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