The Shenzhen Metro has recently announced that, starting May 8th, people can take the metro by simply scanning a WeChat QR code! You will soon no longer need to buy a ticket at the ticket machines or always carry and refill your metro card.

The gates were installed recently for testing and a few passengers had a chance to try them already. "The phone can’t be too close to the QR code, so I scanned four times to enter the gate. 15 cm from QR code worked," a metro passenger surnamed Han said. “Despite this, it is much more convenient than lining up for buying tickets at self-service ticket machines."

Starting May 8th , passengers will only need to stand at a ticket gate machine, and wave a QR code generated by the "Shenzhen Metro" APP (深圳地铁APP) or mini Programs (“深圳地铁e出行”、“腾讯乘车码”) on their phone at the machine’s scanning area in glowing green, in order to successfully pass the gate.

Scan this QR code to download “深圳地铁APP” or Follow official account “深圳地铁metro” to link mini programs“深圳地铁e出行”、“腾讯乘车码”

Passengers are advised to download “Shenzhen Metro” or follow these mini Programs on Wechat in advance, and finish real-name registration according to instructions. 

According to Shenzhen Metro, at least four gates in each station will be equipped with the function in the beginning. In 2018 the entire metro station QR code network will be completed, allowing passengers through the phone scan code barrier. 


1.    Passengers do not enjoy a discount when scanning the QR code to take subway because the payment rules of QR code system are equivalent with the Single ticket system.
2.    QR payment only uses Wechat Pay, Ali Pay is not currently accepted. 
3.    If you have any problems, please ask for help at the station's customer service center.

1.    深圳地铁刷码乘车即将上线目前仅支持微信支付
2.    下周二正式开放!深圳扫码乘地铁,最快1秒进站!但是……

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