Increased restrictions at the Huanggang Port and Shenzhen Bay Port border crossings over the last couple of months have been irritating travelers and are sure to cause massive headaches as people return from their winter holidays. A three-month nationwide campaign was recently made public; however, that paints a bright side, at least for businesses seeking IP protection in China.

Shenzhen Customs has seized more than 200,000 items valued at more than 7.65 million yuan ($1.18 million) that infringed intellectual property, China Daily recently reported. "The figures respectively represent more than 70 percent and 50 percent of the country's total seizures," Yuan Qing, a senior officer with Shenzhen Customs, told a news conference in Shenzhen, Guangdong province, on Wednesday. "The patent infringing goods Shenzhen Customs seized include big name domestic and foreign brands of drones, mobile phones, medical products, electronic products, garments and shoes," Yuan said. 

Yuan hinted that more special campaigns and operations would be launched to protect intellectual property rights and fight against patent infringement in the following months, so we're assuming that we'll see some exciting busts in the coming months. While we wait for those, we thought we'd share with you some of our favorite busts that have taken place at the border between Shenzhen and Hong Kong this year.

Dec 6 Customs officers at Shenzhen Bay seize 35 pieces of gold worth 1.4 million USD

Dec 6 - Customs officers intercepted an incoming private car at Shenzhen Bay Control Point for inspection and seized 35 pieces of suspected smuggled gold weighing about 35 kg in total with an estimated market value of about 11 million Hong Kong dollars (US$1.4 million). The gold was hidden inside the boot of the vehicle. The 31-year-old male driver was arrested and if found guilty may face a maximum fine of 2 million Hong Kong dollars (US$256,000) and imprisonment for seven years.

Nov 29 Shenzhen Customs sieze 11.9 tons of pangolin scales

November 29 - Shenzhen Customs announced on Wednesday that it cracked a case of 11.9 tons of pangolin scales smuggled from Africa, the largest volume in any single case found by the country's customs. The scales are estimated to come from at least 20,000 pangolins, an Endangered Species. 

Nov 6 Shenzhen Customs sieze 200 kg pangolin scales branded perfumes Apple mobile accessories and waste plastics

November 6 - Shenzhen’s Huanggang Customs House seized a container truck carrying over 1 ton of concealed goods, including 200 kilograms of pangolin scales, a batch of branded perfumes, a batch of “Apple” mobile accessories and a batch of waste plastics, totally valued at more than 10 million yuan.

Oct 12 Shenzhen Customs seizes 315 memory banks and 746 solid state disks worth RMB 600,000

October 12, Shenzhen Bay Customs House seized one small passenger car inward from Hong Kong concealing 315 memory banks and 746 solid-state disks, worth RMB 600,000 yuan, in its interior holders and beneath the seats. 

Sept 4 Woman caught smuggling 7,200 memory cards into Shenzhen from Hong Kong around her crotch

September 4, Woman caught smuggling 7,200 memory cards into Shenzhen from Hong Kong by wrapping them around her crotch. 

Jul 21 Shenzhen Customs Intercepts Passenger in Luohu with giant clam shell

July 21, Shenzhen Customs Intercepts inward Passenger in Luohu with 3 white shells, the biggest one a giant clam shell weighing nearly 4 kilograms. They were identified as being China’s first-class protected animals. 

Jul 11 Woman arrested in Shenzhen China for smuggling 102 iPhones and 15 Tissot watches weighing 40 pounds

July 11 - A woman was arrested by customs officials in Shenzhen, China for allegedly smuggling 102 iPhones and 15 Tissot watches strapped across four layers to her body, weighing 40 pounds. 

Jul 4 Shenzhen Customs seized 124 diamonds from passengers underwear worth about RMB 2.08 million yuan

July 4, Shenzhen Customs seized 124 diamonds from within an inward passenger’s underwear. Those diamonds, totaling 17.344 grams, were worth about RMB 2.08 million. 

Jun 12 Shenzhen Customs seize 17 kg of gold bullions worth 5 million yuan

June 12, Shenzhen Customs-affiliated Sha Tau Kok Customs House seized 17 kilograms of gold bullions concealed by a Chinese passenger with his electric bicycle. The gold bullions, totally worth 5 million yuan, were hided in the battery case of the bicycle and were finally found out by X-ray inspection. 

May 23 Ten school children caught smuggling iPhones mobiles and expensive Chinese delicacies from Hong Kong to Shenzhen

May 23 - Ten children in school uniform have been caught trying to smuggle almost one million yuan (RM623,500) worth of iPhones, other mobiles and expensive Chinese delicacies across the border from Hong Kong into Shenzhen through the Huanggang Border. The children said they were promised food at McDonald’s or ice cream if they successfully sneaked the goods across the border. Customs officers found in their backpacks 90 Apple iPhone 7s, 100 iPhone 6s, 20 Samsung S8s and 10kg of “bird’s nests” – an edible Chinese delicacy made from solidified bird saliva. 

May 8 Shenzhen Customs Seizes 1,000 Human Placenta Injections

May 8, Shenzhen Customs Seizes 1,000 Human Placenta Injections. Recently at Futian Port, Shenzhen Customs seized one batch of human placenta injections made in Japan, totaling 1,000 pieces. One Chinese passenger entered passenger hall of Futian Port, with a black backpack containing 20 paper boxes labeled with Japanese characters and each box filled with 5 plates of 10 injections, each injection containing 2 milliliters. Such items are only allowed to enter with an import registration certificate issued by China Food & Drug Administration and health quarantine approval by China Inspection & Quarantine agency. 

Mar 18 HK man detained for smuggling four rare species of snakes into Shenzhen China

March 18 - A Hong Kong man was detained by custom officers at the Luohu border crossing into Shenzhen on Saturday after he tried to smuggle four rare species of snakes, in black stockings, into China. 

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