The Shenzhen police have recently launched a special operation, codenamed "Pure Land," to crack down on illegal drugs in entertainment venues. This comes after a successful bust of a drug trafficking gang that led to the arrest of 13 suspects back in April of this year. During that bust, they also uncovered that a criminal network has emerged selling a new type of drug called "Red Five" (Nimezushi) in many entertainment venues in Shenzhen.

"Red Five," reportedly popular with those born after the 1980s, 90s, and 2000s, is generally packaged into drinks and when taken, produces feelings of excitement and hallucinations. Police warn that overdose can lead to heart damage, coma, and even death.

In the early morning of May 12, a special task force of the Longgang District Police organized a large-scale surprise inspection of a famous nightclub in Longcheng Street, after receiving tips resulting from the previous bust. 

During the operation, more than 600 people were inspected and 25 suspected drug traffickers were arrested.

From May 12th to 14th, the police arrested a drug trafficker on Nanwan Street, 2 drug users were apprehended and 204 bottles of new drug beverages, totaling 102 liters, were seized.

At the same time, the police seized a new type of drug processing center in Huangbeiling, Luohu District, and arrested drug dealers. They seized about 49 liters of the new drug and beverages, about 2.2 kilograms of drug raw materials, and arrested four drug users at Denggang and Longcheng Street.

Rumors and stories have also been spreading in local social media groups of a raid and drug bust that took place in the early morning hours of Sunday May 20th at Fade Bar in Nanshan District; which resulted in the closure of the bar and the detainment of some foreigners. Police were unable to confirm the details as it is still part of an ongoing investigation; however, we were told that the raids are part of a strategy to promote a good environment by curbing "yellow gambling;" a sort of acronym referring to prostitution, gambling, and drugs. With the forth coming 2018 World Cup we were told that we can expect to see more of these as rolling inspections will continue.

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