Residents Concerned of Possible Oil Spill in Bay Reassured

May 13, 2020

Did you see or notice that black gunk in the bay recently?  ... (more)

A Total Ban on Outdoor Barbecues in Bid to Lower Pollution

May 11, 2020

In an effort to lower air pollution, the city of Shenzhen in Guangdong province, plans to ban the use of outdoor barbecues across the city.  ... (more)

Careful: Delivery Boxes Across China Now Charging Fees

April 30, 2020

Effective today, (April 30th), failing to pick up your parcels from the smart delivery boxes within 12 hours, may result in incurring extra charges. ... (more)

We Can't Thank You Enough For the Growing Support

April 27, 2020

We're so excited and grateful for the support and wonderful words on encouragement from the media, government, businesses and of course our customers, of our new f... (more)

From May 1, Your WeChat History Can Be Used as Evidence in Court

April 23, 2020

From May 1st, 2020, more types of electronic data will officially become admissable as forms of evidence in Chinese courts. ... (more)

Shekou Ferry to Resume Service May 1st to/from Zhuhai

April 21, 2020

The Ferry Service Operators announced on April 18th that ferry service between Shekou and Zhuhai will re-open on May 1, 2020. For a limited time, they're offering ... (more)

How to Report if You Are Discriminated Against in Guangdong

April 20, 2020

On April 18, the Foreign Affairs Office of the People's Government of Guangdong Province issued a statement pointing out that Guangdong Province treats all... (more)

Trials Began of New Registration Process for Electric Bikes

April 18, 2020

On April 9, the pilot program for electric two wheel vehicle registration began in parts of Bao'an District, Shenzhen. ... (more)

If You're Green, You're Clear. If not, well... here's what to do

April 12, 2020

Whether you've recently arrived back to China or not, or have already conducted some form of quarantine, you may be asked to take a nucleic acid test or go into qu... (more)

Guangdong Publishes Stats on Foreigner Numbers in the Province

April 12, 2020

Yesterday afternoon (April 12), at the 53rd Guangdong provincial government press conference on the new coronavirus epidemic prevention and control, deputy director ge... (more)

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