PODCAST: Weekend #48 - 8 Great Events: Birthdays, Anniversaries and Openings

December 01, 2016

Welcome ShekouDaily's Weekend Newsletter Podcast!   This podcast is an extracted audio recording of ShekouDaily's ... (more)

WARNING: Stop using Firefox Web Browser! 0 Day in the Wild

November 30, 2016

UPDATE: A new version of Firefox is now available where this issue has been fixed. You can ... (more)

Police Checking Parked Motorbikes in Shekou

November 30, 2016

At 1:00 pm Wednesday November 30th, a ShekouDaily reader informed us that he saw police checking motorbikes parked at the Dongjiaotou Metro Station.    "I have an ebi... (more)

Foreigners Fight in Shekou... for Charity

November 30, 2016

More than 20 foreign business, finance and tech professionals in Shenzhen will get together on Saturday December 17th, 2016 to fight it out for charity. This black ti... (more)

Police Confiscating eBikes in Shekou - How to Stay Safe

November 29, 2016

At 10am on the morning of November 29th, uniformed and plain clothes police officers began confiscating ebikes on the corner of HaiChang Street and Gongyuan Nanlu. They cordoned off a large area a... (more)

Makes me miss Thanksgiving back home

November 29, 2016

Here's a great video making the rounds on Social Media. It's a great example of the joy families experience during the holiday season. Makes me really miss being back home WARNING: Video... (more)

Nanhai Dadao Road Closure as Metro Construction Begins

November 27, 2016

As if the traffic heading into and out of Shekou wasn't bad enough, the Municipal Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Department of Shenzhen announced that Nanhai Dadao will soon be closed for S... (more)

Countryside Cafe in CRG 1 Closes after 4 Years

November 27, 2016

It's sad to see another business in Shekou driven out by rising rent prices. Today Countryside Cafe in Coastal Rose Garden 1 made this announcement:   Dear friends, thank ... (more)

Chinese Accuses Foreigner in Shenzhen of Abducting Child

November 27, 2016

On Sunday November 20th, Claire Hu from Henan province, fell victim to one of the most terrifying experiences a mother can go through. According to Claire, her two-and-a-half year old daughter, Is... (more)

Drone Video of Old Shekou

November 26, 2016

The winding alleyways, backstreets, marketplaces and port of Shekou are rapidly disappearing as Shenzhen gentrifies the last of its urban villages. Shot in 4K over about 2 years using the DJI Osmo... (more)

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