Rio Olympics 2016 Daily Timetable

August 02, 2016

For those wanting to watch LIVE Olympic coverage, we've gone through the NBC Live Olympics Stream Schedule and converted all the times... (more)

Typhoon Nida Photos of Coastal Rose Garden Shekou

August 02, 2016

We took a short stroll down Coastal Rose Garden at 8am this morning to have a look at what kind of damage ... (more)

CCTV-5 Rio Olympics 2016 Broadcast Timetable

August 02, 2016

For those wanting to watch from home, CCTV-5 will be broadcasting as well; though not necessarily live and 24-7. Here is the general timetable we've been able to find so far. ... (more)

Where to Watch the Rio Olympics 2016 in Shekou

August 02, 2016

Watch the Rio Olympics 2016 from 9:30am August 4th to 2:45pm August 22nd at more than 13 venues in Shekou!   To help you enjoy the ga... (more)

Typhoon NIDA Expected to Hit the PRD with 130+ km/h Winds

July 31, 2016

FINAL UPDATE: As of 10:15am August 3rd, ferry service will resume as normal. ... (more)

Events for this International Friendship Weekend in Shekou

July 29, 2016

Although it's kind of a made up holiday, originally promoted in 1930 by Hallmark Greeting Cards, International Friendship Day is now celebrated in many parts of the wor... (more)

8 Ways to Cool Down (or get hot) This Weekend in Shekou

July 22, 2016

Finally! A weekend with no rain! It's going to be nice to not have to worry about losing my umbrella. Unfortunately, this also means we don't have the rain to low... (more)

What Happened to Mind The Gap and the Stage?

July 18, 2016

It seems no matter what you do, nothing is guaranteed in this world. ... (more)

Tickets Now On Sale for Cruises To/From Shekou!

July 16, 2016

8 Cruise Ship Voyages are currently on sale now to/from Shekou's new Cruise Ship Port in Prince Bay! Be one of the first to experience these unforgettable luxury trips!  ... (more)

Shekou Weekend #28

July 15, 2016

We've had scattered thunderstorms all week and it's looking like this weekend will be the same. At least temperatures are supposed to s... (more)

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