According to an article published last month by That's Shenzhen, there's been "a significant increase in drugs-related detentions and deportations for possession of, or testing positive for, drugs in China." In the article, they cite a UK government source saying that...


"Double the number of British people have been detained this year compared to same period in 2017."



Last month alone, we heard of numerous raids looking for those working illegally, as well as drug raids. They've been taking place throughout the city; including at the Shenzhen Sports Center, various training centers across Shenzhen, and bars and restaurants. One such drug raids hit multiple establishments in Shui Wei Village on Thanksgiving. 


Unlike the past, we've been keeping quiet about these recently as we've received a lot of negative comments and backlash about our posting of articles on this subject; however, considering the severity of the punishments, and immediate deportation of people; even those with family in the country, we felt it's a good time to post a reminder.


Be sure to keep your visa and registration up-to-date.

Click here for details about the regulations and requirements for foreigners. People living in many areas throughout the city can now complete their registration online as well.


To learn more about the recent crackdowns or what happens if you are detained, check out That's article: "What You Need to Know About China's Recent Drug Crackdown".

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