The Shenzhen Metro recently announced that numerous roads will be closed for 24 months starting today. The closures come as construction begins on the new Shenzhen Metro Line 12. The new line will link parts of Nanshan with Bao'an and will also connect to the Dongguan Metro.



The total length of the line is about 40km with 33 stations in total. It is scheduled to be commissioned and opened to traffic at the end of 2022. In order to ensure the safety of traffic in the area, it is necessary to close certain roads during the construction period. See the following figures for the specific closed sections.



Closed section: intersection of Nanshan Avenue and Chuangye Road - intersection of Chuangye Road and Nanhai Avenue (orange-red section). The closure is planned for 24 months during metro construction. At that time, a greater impact on Nanhai Avenue, Nanshan Avenue, Dongbin Road, Dengliang Road, Haide Second Road and surrounding road traffic should be expected.


Getting Around: The following detour routes are suggested.


1. Nanshan Avenue - Nanhai Avenue Northbound

For those heading northbound on Nanhai Avenue: Use Nanshan Avenue northbound then eastbound via Nanbin Road instead.



2. Nanshan Avenue - Chuangye Road

For those heading eastbound on Chuangye Road:

  • Nanshan Avenue – Dongbin Road – Nanhai Avenue – Chuangye Road (east of the Nanhai Avenue Intersection).

  • Nanshan Avenue – Haide 2nd Road – Nanhai Avenue – Chuangye Road (east of the Nanhai Avenue Intersection).



3. Nanhai Avenue - Nanshan Avenue

For those heading westbound on Chuangye Road:

  • Southbound vehicles, can change to Binhai Avenue, Haide 2nd Road, Dengliang Road or Dongbin Road to Nanshan Avenue.



  • Northbound vehicles can go north along Nanhai Avenue to Binhai,  Haide 2 Road,  Dengliang Road or Dongbin Road.




  • Westbound vehicles can go southbound on Nanhai Avenue, then go to Nanshan Avenue via Dengliang Road or Dongbin Road; or go northbound along Nanhai Avenue to the Binhai Nanhai overpass, and then pass Haide 2 to Nanshan Avenue.



The Shenzhen traffic police will also add police force to guard the road sections at the surrounding intersections, rectify the main blocked road sections, investigate illegal parking, and maintain the normal operation of the road sections. In order to cope with traffic control of the relevant sections during that time, traffic lights will be adjusted in real time to maintain good road conditions.


Reference: 注意!今日起,深圳这条路将封闭24个月!绕行路线赶紧看!

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