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Thunderstorms and Cooler Temperatures Expected Tuesday April 24

April 23, 2018

The Shenzhen Meteorological Bureau reported yesterday that cold air and thunderstorms will affect Shenzhen during the daytime Tuesday the 24th. Local heavy rains may b... (more)

Thunderstorms, Heavy Rain, Cooler Temperatures, Expected Today and Possibly Tomorrow

April 15, 2018

The Shenzhen Meteorological Bureau issued a statement yesterday advising residents to expect Thunderstorms cooler temperatures over the next few days. ... (more)

Shenzhen City-Wide Cold Weather Alert Downgraded to Yellow

February 06, 2018

The Shenzhen Meteorological Bureau downgraded the ... (more)

Emergency Cold Weather Alert Issued

January 28, 2018

At 5:11pm the Shenzhen Government sent out the following Emergency Alert via SMS warning residents of cold weather approaching for the next few days: ... (more)

Shenzhen City-Wide Yellow Cold Weather Alert Issued

January 10, 2018

UPDATE: The cold weather alert was cancelled on Sunday January 14th. ---------- ... (more)

Shenzhen City-Wide Orange Cold Weather Alert Issued

January 08, 2018

UPDATE: The alert was ... (more)

Bundle up! It's Going to Get Really Cold this Week

January 06, 2018

Enjoy the weather this weekend folks. Starting Monday, temperatures are expected to drop to the single-digits through most of the week. According to the ... (more)

Freezing Temperatures Subside as Sunshine Returns This Weekend

December 21, 2017

Those that were hoping for a frosty Christmas in Shenzhen this year may be in for some dissappointment. The Shenzhen Meteorological Bureau and Accuweather are both ... (more)

Strong Monsoon Signal & Cold Weather Warning Issued

December 16, 2017

UPDATE: The Cold Weather Warning was cancelled at 11:00am Thursday December 21st. -------------- ... (more)

How to Enjoy Tonight's Spectacular Meteor Shower

December 13, 2017

Get ready for 120 shooting stars per hour in tonight's night sky. The Geminid meteor shower is the strongest and most spectacular meteor show of the year. The showe... (more)

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