A record number of cars have been flocking to Shenzhen beaches over the last couple of weekends, driving the city to impose restrictions on access. 

If you'd like to drive to the Shenzhen Meisha and Dapeng areas, you'll need to make an appointment or face a fine of 300 RMB!



According to statistics, more than 70,000 vehicles have been entering these areas over the weekends, causing massive road congestion and traffic issues. The Yantian district received 162 cases of traffic jams, up 41% year-on-year. Dapeng jurisdiction has received congestion with 410 complaints to police, up 2058% compared with last year.


To deal with the issue, the Shenzhen Municipal Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Bureau now requires you to register if you'd like to drive to these areas on any weekends during the month of August and during the National Day Holiday.

Failing to register will result in a fine of 300 RMB and 3 points on your license.

Reservation areas

1 - Meisha area. including Dameisha, Xiaomeisha, OCT East, west from Yanmei Road, Sanzhoutian Road junction, east to Yanmei Road, Shenzhen Customs Xiaomeisha Education and Training Base, north to eastern OCT, all roads in the area (excluding Yanba Expressway) ).

2 - Dapeng area. All roads in Dapeng New District south of the Diefushan Tunnel (including the Diefushan Tunnel).



Government vehicles and those that live and work in the area will be accounted for separately so do not need to follow this registration processes. Emergency and police vehicles will not be subject to the quotas. 

Vehicles carrying 10 or more passengers, taxis, freight vehicles, police cars, fire engines, ambulances, engineering rescue vehicles and expressway transit vehicles to Huizhou and other places are not affected by the provisions of the reservation requirement.

Reservation quota

There's a limit of 40,000 cars allowed each day into each; the Meisha area and the Dapeng areas, including 30,000 individuals and 10,000 for businesses.


Making Reservations

Reservations can be made via the Shenzhen Traffic Police WeChat public account (ID: szjjwx), the official website of the Traffic Police Bureau and the “My Shenzhen” APP.

  • You need to enter your mobile phone number and license plate number when making an appointment.
  • Reservation times are: morning (0:00 to 12:00), afternoon (12 to 18:00), and evening (18 to 24). 
  • You will receive a text message upon successful completion.
  • You will need to make seperate reservations for the Meisha and Dapeng areas;
  • Only the arrival date is reserved. The departure is not restricted. However, another reservation is required if you plan to return the next day after leaving the reserved area.
  • There is no restriction on driving inside the reserved area.
  • The appointment can be cancelled by mobile phone at any time on the same day, but you're limited to 3 attempts to reserve when canceling so be careful.
  • If you do not arrive within the scheduled time due to traffic congestion, accidents, etc., you can request to delay the reservation via your phone. The system will automatically extend the appointment arrival time by 6 hours, without penalty or punishment.

Source: 重磅!8月周末及十一假期开车去深圳梅沙、大鹏片区须预约拿号,违者罚300!

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