As if the metro construction at the nearby intersection on Nanhai Blvd didn't already make the rush hour commute in this area a nightmare, this morning, the ground opened up, jolted a busload of passengers, and blocked traffic for many others.

The Shenzhen Traffic Police announced on their weibo account that at about 8:41 a.m. July 17th, the ground opened up at Gongye 8th road and caused a potential traffic hazard. Authorities closed the road to conduct emergency repairs and are reminding vehicles to plan a detour around this area.

According to witnesses on the scene, the hole was about eight square meters, and about five meters deep.

Mr. Chow, the bus driver, recounted the incident to a reporter from Spot News. "I suddenly heard a noise and the back half of the car was slowly pushing down and the front of the car was slowly going up." He hurried out to check and noticed that the vehicle rear wheels were hanging due to road collapse.

He immediately evacuated the more than 20 passengers from the vehicle.

The Traffic policeman arrived soon after, followed by a truck-mounted crane that pulled the bus out. At the time of writing this article, the road remained closed for repairs.

Image from Spot News 突发!蛇口一公交车半截车身陷进路面大坑…

Source: Special thanks to He Feng for the story and photos.
Reference: 突发!蛇口一公交车半截车身陷进路面大坑…

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