UPDATE: The Hong Kong Observatory cancelled their Thunderstorm warning at 9:30 a.m., as forecasted. All weather warnings previously issued today have been cancelled.

UPDATE: By 8:20am, all the Shenzhen Meteorological Bureau's warnings were cancelled. The Hong Kong Observatory's Thunderstorm Warning is still in effect.

UPDATE: At 7:10am, the Shenzhen Meteorological Bureau (SZMB) downgraded their warning for the western part of the city to yellow but also raised their average wind strength forecast to Scale 8. 

Guidance for Preparedness

  1. Outdoor operations at heights or on the water should be stopped, and persons in dangerous places should evacuate
  2. Boats should take shelter from the gale.

UPDATE: At 7:10am, the Hong Kong Observatory (HKO) issued their Thunderstorm Warning valid until 9:30 a.m. today: 

A few squally thunderstorms are expected to occur over Hong Kong. Gusts exceeding 80 kilometres per hour were recorded at Lau Fau Shan at around 7:10 a.m.

Gusts reaching 90 kilometres per hour or above may continue to affect Hong Kong.

Members of the public are advised to take the following precautions when thunderstorms occur:

  1. Stay indoors. Seek shelter in buildings if you are engaging in outdoor activities.
  2. Do not stand on high grounds. Keep away from highly conductive objects, trees or masts.
  3. Take precautions against violent gusts. Beware of flying debris and falling objects.
  4. Drivers using highways and flyovers should reduce speed to be alert to violent gusts.


{Original article published on March 3, 2019, 7:05 a.m. below}

The Shenzhen Meteorological Bureau issued both a city-wide Blue Gale Wind warning and a city-wide Yellow Lightning warning at 6:10 a.m. today.

The gale warning advises that gale winds "will probably affect this area within 6 hours, or is affecting this area where the average wind force has reached Scale 6 or above."


Guidance for Preparedness

  1. Get well prepared for defending against the gale and keep up-to-date with the information about it. 
  2. Properly place outdoor articles that are easy to be affected by the gale



The lightning warning advises that "thunder will probably affect the area within 2 hours or is affecting the area."

Guidance for Preparedness

  1. it is advised to stop dangerous outdoor operations involving flammable or explosive articles 
  2. Citizens should try to stay at safe places


As of 7 a.m., the Hong Kong Observatory hadn't issued any weather warnings. Their weather forecast for today is...

Mainly cloudy and cooler with showers and squally thunderstorms. Visibility rather low at first. Showers will ease off gradually later. The maximum temperature will be about 23 degrees. Light winds, becoming moderate northerlies.


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