Shenzhen Metro will temporarily extend its operating time, add trains, and open lines to better meet the travel needs of the May Day holiday.

Since passenger flow is expected to be higher than usual from April 30th, the Shenzhen Metro's entire network will be extended for one hour on April 30th and May 1st, with an operating time of 6:30-24:00. 



In addition, to meet the travel demand of passengers and make it easier for passengers to travel at night during the May Day period,  the Shenzhen North Railway Station and Shenzhen East Railway Station, from May 3rd to 5th, Shenzhen Metro will add half-way trains from Changling to Huangbeiling on Line 5.



The following stations are expected to have larger than usual passenger flow so please plan accordingly. 

  • Children's Palace,

  • Civic Center,

  • Shenzhen Bay Park,

  • Houhai,

  • Luohu Station, and

  • other subway stations near the tourist attractions.


Reference: 五一小长假临近 深圳地铁延长运营、加开列车保障出行

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