Before the end of next year, all the community health centers in Shenzhen will have a psychological counseling room, according to the Southern Metropolis Daily.

On June 28th, construction of Shenzhen's social psychological service system, a pilot program for the nation, was officially launched.


“Everyone has psychological confusion or psychological problems.” said Hu Chiyi, vice president of Shenzhen Kangning Hospital, who added that Shenzhen is a young immigrant city with fierce competition, a fast pace of life, high competitive pressures, and various psychological behavior problems.

Mental illness among residents in Shenzhen is as high as 21.87%

The article cited a survey that showed the prevalence of mental illness among residents in Shenzhen is as high as 21.87%, with most of that being depression, anxiety and other light mental illnesses; but stressed that there are more people who do not have mental illness but have psychological problems, that don't realize that they have psychological problems, and don't know where to go or who they can look for.


At present, Shenzhen psychological services have covered more than 600 communities in the city, more than 40 million enterprises and more than 100 schools. However, many communities and private schools are still lacking these services. In order to extend to the entire city, various groups and departments; including Shenzhen Municipal Health, Politics and Law, Education, Public Security, Civil Affairs, Disabled Persons' Federation, People's Society, and other multi-departmental collaborations have jointly "woven" a social psychological service network so that the public can find professional psychological help.


The service network also aims to enter all levels of schools in Shenzhen to target the reportedly growing number of cases of teenage depression, anxiety, and the health problems.

The program requires that by the end of 2021, 85% of primary and secondary schools should have psychological counseling rooms, and all primary and secondary schools should be equipped with full-time psychological teachers at a teacher-student ratio of not less than 1:1000. Institutions of higher learning are not exempt, and would also need to set up mental health education and counseling centers, with full-time counselors at a ratio of not less than 1:3000 students.


At the community level, the program requires that by the end of 2020, 75% of the general hospitals above the second level should open psychological clinics, and all community health clinics should set up a psychological counseling room.

The network will also be focusing on prevention and reduction of extreme cases associated with those at high risk; such as emergency responders, vagrants and beggars, convicts, and those with serious mental disorders.


List of major medical institutions in Shenzhen that are currently equipped with mental or psychological departments.


To make this happen, the networks plans to absorb four or five hundred psychological practitioners into the system. Hu Chiyi said that the policy of attracting psychological professionals will be formulated, and practitioners who have graduated from the bachelor's degree or above in psychology, medicine, education, or sociology, which have been uniformly trained by industry associations, will be included in the library of psychological counseling practitioners of the industry association. In addition to psychological counselors, this psychological service team will also absorb: clinical treatment, psychological teachers, social workers and volunteers.


VR, 5G and other high-tech to help

Of course, this wouldn't be Shenzhen if tech wasn't added to the equation. VR, wearable tech, psychological evaluation software, biofeedback instrumentation, etc. are being explored, along with 5G, to provide virtual/remote counseling services, methods of better understanding oneself, and other solutions.


Source: Southern Metropolis Daily, 明年底前,深圳一类社康中心全部开设心理咨询室

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