You may be wondering who the faces belong to that you see plastered all over LED screens throughout the city today. 

Last night, the 47 medical staff of the Shenzhen Aid Medical Team who went to Wuhan to assist with the new coronavirus epidemic control returned to Shenzhen.

Medical personnel from Shenzhen presented flowers to heroes including Li Duoyun.

Li Duoyun's parents and daughter awaiting her return.

Li Duoyun waving to the welcoming crowd.


"I've been away from Shenzhen for more than a month. I'm so excited to finally come back safely today." Li Duoyun said with emotion. However, she was also reluctant to give up her support to Wuhan, her second hometown. "I'm glad that I came when she was very dangerous. Now she's safe and my mission is done. When I have time, I will go back to Wuhan and get together with my classmates in Wuhan."

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Source: 今天,让他们多睡一会!">今天,让他们多睡一会!

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