After Typhoon Mangkhut ravaged Shenzhen back in September, many scenic spots and coastal areas had to close for repairs. The most seriously affected were Dameisha and Xiaomeisha. 

Shenzhen News has recently reported that Xiaomeisha will reopen the park for trial operation starting today and that all of the surrounding businesses are all open for business.


Businesses near the scenic spot are open


The Dameisha repair project is still in progress. They are working to open part of the waterfront park in May 2019 and complete the main body reconstruction work of the seaside park by the end of December 2019.


Finishing work is still being carried out; however, the scenic spots opened for this trial operation are the core area beach, and sea-facing rooms, the multi-functional conference hall, food street, the shopping mall, the BBQ park, water sports, etc.


The barbecue venues, major dining and entertainment businesses and resort hotels in the park are all open for business, ensuring the basic needs of tourists during the trial operation period.


Unopened areas are off limits

Attractions and entertainment projects that are currently not open include: Lovers Trail, Lover Island (Dunzhou Island), and African zipline.

▲All of the above areas are off limits (subject to the on-site staff guidelines)



  1. Currently, you still need to purchase tickets to go to Xiaomeisha;
  2. More than 2,000 parking spaces are available in the scenic spot, no reservation is required;
  3. No reservation or appointments are required for the barbecue bar in the scenic area. You can bring your own barbecue for an additional fee;
  4. Do not enter the temporarily unopened areas in the scenic spot without authorized approval and guidance;
  5. Xiaomeisha consulting hotline: 0755-2035998.


Source: 聚焦丨现场直击!小梅沙要重新开园啦!大梅沙预计……

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