If you like to recycle, you'll be happy to hear that Nanshan District of Shenzhen has been quietely installing automated smart recycling centers, referred to as "Small Yellow Dog," across the district.



Using AI and Internet of Things (IoT) technology, the 'small yellow dog' advanced garbage sorting and recycling machines will give you money back for your domestic waste products.



They have 7 cabinets to accept metal, plastic, textile, paper, glass and other hazardous garbage.



Already in use in Beijing, Chongqing, Dongguan and other cities, these machines are expected to reduce waste by up to 30%.



To use the machines, simply select the recycling type, enter your phone number (or scan the QR code) and the machine will open to receive your waste. It will then automatically show the weight of the recyclables and show you how much you'll earn. Note: If you hear an alarm, it's because the machine has found that something you're trying to recycle isn't recyclable or acceptable.



The amount offered for your recyclables will adjust based on market conditions. Your income will be stored in the Small Yellow Dog APP or Mini-Program and once you reach at least 10 RMB, you'll be able to transfer the funds to the bank account you've linked to the APP.



If you'd like to try feeding the small yellow dog yourself, you can currently find them at these residential communities across Nanshan:  CityInn, SiliconValley Apartment, TINERRY, Imperial Park and Peninsula III.



Source: 南山小区来了爱吃垃圾的“小黄狗”,还能返钱! by  蛇报君 of 蛇口消息报 

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