A week ago Friday immigration was out on the streets of Shekou checking foreigners for passports and their registration papers. This week, foreigners have been posting on social media that immigration has stopped by their apartments to check as well.

This notice was seen posted in Coastal Rose Garden 2 this week apparently explaining the checks.

Notification of Census Operation in Coastal Rose Garden, Shekou, Shenzhen



Here are a few of the comments we've been seeing online:

"Alert, last Friday night I was stopped by the police while walking, they asked for passport, copy was OK and also residents registration paper which they verified with the station on the spot. Today, the police made a visit to my apartment to verify I really lived here."

"My husband saw policemen checking papers at Coastal Rose Garden 3"

"They are going to check every bldg and houses"

According to the notice, this "Census Operation" is just to confirm information and will last until the end of this week. It shouldn't be anything to be alarmed about, just be sure to have all of your documents in order and available at home. If you're unsure of what you need, click here for details.

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